Top 7 Romantic Tree House Resorts In India

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Romantic Getaways in India
Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

Holidays and vacations are truly a fun time and it is one of the best gifts you can give to your spouse. When you plan a romantic getaway with your partner, you have every reason to be thrilled and excited. Far different from the monotonous hotel stays and hours of sightseeing, there are times when you might just want to spend arms in arms, in a cool and intimate location, away from the hustle-bustle of life.  A tree top holiday could be the perfect escape from everything that prevents you both from giving enough time to yourselves and to one another. A romantic trip with nature to witness your bond, nothing could get better than tree house resort stay.

 Top 7 Romantic Tree House Resorts in India

The perfect romantic ablaze is waiting for you in the heights that range from 40 ft. to 90 ft., offering an extravagant, thrilling and dreamy stay amidst the trees and greenery. It’s tropical haven for everyone who can adore nature and loves luxury. To plan your holiday, you need to note the best tree house resorts in India where you can put up for a day or two with your partner and enjoy a relaxing stay.


Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India


#1: Vythiri Resort, Kerala

 Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

One of the finest and most widely acclaimed tree house resorts in India, the Vythiri Resort, Kerala, is known to be the finest tree house resorts in India. Awarded with the International Quality Crown, this is an idyllic and eco-friendly resort for an amazing jungle stay. Hidden amidst lush thick rainforests of north western Kerala, Wayanad, this resort can actually pamper guests.


There is a spa that offers an alluring selection of new and classic treatments in a serene and pristine environment. This romantic getaway can be accessed by wooden stars or crane lift. You get an outstanding living environment and an experience that will linger in your mind forever. Revive yourself, rejuvenate and enjoy this luxurious experience.


Enjoy indulging in some of the exciting activities like bird watching, rainforest treks, jungle expedition and trips close to the spice plantation.


Stay Cost: Rs.14, 000 to Rs.17, 000 (depending on the type of tree house and occupancy) (Special rates for peak season from 21 Dec to 31 Dec)


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Kozhikode (Approx. 64 km. i.e. 1.40 hours drive)


Nearest Airport and Distance: Calicut (Approx. 78 km. i.e. 2 hour drive)


Best Time to Visit: October to May


#2: The Machan, Maharashtra

 Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

If you wish to relax in an isolated location in India, you should choose The Machan. It is a perfect tree house holiday destination in India that offers more than just a great stay. It offers an unbelievable experience. Nestled at a height of 45 feet on the wild fig trees, this resort also offers amazing panoramic view of the zigzag valley. Located amidst the dense Jambulne forest, close to Lonavala, in the hills of Sahyardi of the Western Ghats, this tree house is indeed an amazing romantic holiday destination and the best of tree house hotels near Mumbai.


Photovoltaic cells and wind turbines are the source of power in this resort. Guests can indulge in various outdoor activities like trekking along the private paths and bird watching. There are four levels of the resort, including a hanging room, the main deck, crow’s nest and lift. Amazing view, excellent accommodation and breath-taking environment makes The Machan a perfect retreat.


Stay Cost: Rs.8, 000 t Rs.30, 000 (Depending on the room selection)


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Lonavala (18 km. approx.)


Neareby Airports and Distance: Mumbai (95 km. approx.), Pune (65 km. approx), Surat (351 km. approx)


Best Time to Visit: June to September


#3: Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

An eco-friendly resort, the Tree House Hideaway is located amidst the dense forest that borders the Bandhavgarh National Park – an amazing tiger reserve in India. There are 3 luxury rustic tree houses, each of which makes an ideal choice for couples. Spanning over 21 acres of vast landscape with captivating views, this is one of the best tree houses in the country.

You can escape from the hectic city life and enjoy the luxuries and comfort of distinctive features included in this resort. You may even catch glimpses of wild animals in the jungle. Outdoor activities like jungle safari and excursion trips can be arranged.


Stay Cost: Rs.18, 000 to Rs. 30,000 for a couple depending on the type of room


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Katni (95 km.)


Nearest Airport and Distance: Jabalpur (158 km.)


Best Time to Visit: October-March



#4: Manali Tree House Cottages, Himachal Pradesh

Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

The Manali Tree House Cottage, located about 19 km. away from Manali Mall Road, is a resort run by a family. It offers an enthralling view of the hills. Set atop of a beautiful oak tree that overlooks the lush green orchards and fields, this resort has several cottages to accommodate couples and families. You will live in an environment that will give you homely feel with the luxury of nature and its bounty. It is a one of its kind experience, which you may not find in other resorts. For a perfect budget honeymoon or an anniversary visit, this is the best choice.


Stay Cost: Rs.3000 to Rs. 7000 (Depending on the type of room)


Nearest Railway Station and Distance:  Joginder Nagar (145 km.)


Nearest Airport and Distance: Bhuntar (32 km.)


Best Time to Visit: April to June



#5: Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

This is the only natural tree house resort in Rajasthan. Nestled amidst the lovely Syari Valley of Jaipur, the Tree House Resort is the largest of all tea house resorts worldwide. This hotel offers breath-taking views of the Aravalli hills. There are total 10 different room categories, called “nests” to choose from, built atop strong Keekar trees. If you are traveling with your partner, choose a comfortable room to make sure you have an enjoyable and enthralling stay. On request, the resort can arrange elephant and camel safaris as well. A night safari would be lovely.


Stay Cost: Rs.7000 to Rs. 15500 depending on the type of room chosen.


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Jaipur (38 km.)


Nearest Airport and Distance: Jaipur (40 km.)


Best Time to Visit: September-December


#6: Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort, Pondicherry

 Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

The Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort is located 8 km. away from the heart of Pondicherry, on Cuddalore main road.  It is run by the PTTDC. This resort is a stunning place to stay with three beautiful tree houses. You can relax amidst the peaceful surroundings of this place and have a romantic time with your partner. The tree houses are perfectly equipped with all the modern amenities. You will be able to relax in the lap of nature and immerse yourself in intimate moments for a loving experience.


Stay Cost: Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000 (You can try negotiating the price in off season for a better deal)


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Pondicherry


Nearest Airport and Distance: Chennai


Best Time to Visit: October-March



#7: Hornbill Resort, Dandeli

Top 7 Tree House Resorts in India

Embedded in the thick forests, with the peaceful and serene Kali River flowing, the Hornbill Resort is a sheer pleasure to spend your romantic vacation in. this is a resort that offers stunning tree houses that are 40 feet off the ground. It will surely give you an incredible romantic experience with the tree houses leaning into the river. Stunning views and the reflection of a perfectly moonlit night falling on the river will give you an experience that you will cherish throughout your life. The sound of cascading water is an added bonus to the excitement of living in a tree house.


An escape to the jungles can be fun and adventurous, especially when you are planning a romantic holiday. This could be a chance to relive your relationship and those golden times that you have spent together.


Stay Cost: Rs.8,000 for a couple per night


Nearest Railway Station and Distance: Goa


Nearest Airport and Distance: Goa (2 hours)


Best Time to Visit: November-February

Get going and book a tree house to have the rare experience of staying on the tree!


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