Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast


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Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast

Maharashtra’s Konkan range is blessed with some of the finest beaches in India; the best weekend getaway from Mumbai. If you are looking for a blissful concoction of nature, adventure and tranquility, the beaches on Konkan Coast are worth visiting. Listed here are Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast that are best getaways on the western flank of India’s coast.

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast

#1. Ganapatipule Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Ganapatipule Beach
An idyllic weekend getaway, Ganapatipule is one of the most magnificent beaches, stretching along the Konkan Coast. The beach is renowned for is scintillating blue sea, sun-kissed beach, rich flora, and Swayambhu Ganesh Temple that attracts tourists from around the country. A beautiful respite from city lights, Ganapatipule is the ideal place to relax and refresh and brings it on the list of Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast.

  • Attractions: Swayambhu Ganesh Temple, Aare Ware Beach, and Malgund Beach.
  • Where to Stay: MTDC Holiday Resort, and other luxury and economical hotels, guesthouses and resorts are available at Ganapatipule.
  • Eating Out: You can find several good eating places along the beach as well as plush restaurants, serving multi-cuisine delicacies and local food. Savor local delicacies like Phanspoli, Ambapoli, fish curry, and Kokam Kadi.
  • Shopping: There are not too many shopping places at Ganapatipule. However, you can buy sun hats, beachwear, and handicrafts at shops around the beach.
  • Distance from Mumbai – Approx 340 km
  • Travel Time: Around 8 hours from Mumbai via NH 17/66
  • Travel Tips: Pack light cotton clothes and swimwear. Sun hat, sunglasses, and a lot of sunscreen is a must since the sun is scorching hot here.

#2. Tarkarli Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Tarkarli Beach
Tarkarli Beach is popular among tourists for sheer tranquility and true Goan flavor decades ago that will amaze you. Serenity of the beaches, clear blue sea, and palm-fringed narrow lanes make Tarkarli a must-visit and made us list it one among the Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast.

Attractions: Malvan Beach and Devbag.
Where to Stay: MTDC Holiday Resort, Sea View Resort, Visava, Gajanan Resorts, and Sun n Sand Hotel provide good accommodation at reasonable price. Homestays and house boats are also popular here.
Eating Out: Bamboo Restaurant, Chaitanya and MTDC resorts are popular eating places, serving delicious sea food. Kombadi-vada, Aamras, and Sol Kadi are must-try delicacies.
Shopping: Best things to buy are fresh cashew nuts, Amba Poli, Kokam Wadi, Amba Wadi, and Karvande Wadi.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 498 km
Travel Time: Around 8 hours via NH 17/66
Travel Tips: Don’t forget to pack shorts, cotton shirts, beachwear, sun hats, flip-flops, and sunscreen. Keep your money and belongings safe. Beware of thieves and over-enthusiastic shopkeepers. Do bargain at markets.

#3. Alibaug Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Alibaug Beach
Alibaug’s sun-kissed beaches and local sea food delicacies are the best attractions for travelers seeking much-awaited break from stress and hassles of life. It is the best place to soak in sun, solace and serenity, while you can also indulge into a number of activities like swimming, sightseeing and water sports. Its lacunae beaches and tranquil water will help you unwind and relax and its reason enough for us to list it among Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast.

Attractions: Kulaba Fort, Khanderi, Murud Beach, and Magnetic Observatory.
Where to Stay: Radisson Resort and Spa, Hotel Ravikiran, Sai Inn Annex, and Big Splash Hotel.
Eating Out: Sea food is most popular in Alibaug, including prawns, lobsters, crab and pomfret cooked in local style. Some premier restaurants also serve ‘Bombay Duck,’ made with local curry and fresh spices.
Shopping: The streets and lanes of Alibaug are flooded with shops, popular for handmade garments and bags, leather items, antique jewellery, and Kohlapuri shoes.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 95.3 km
Travel Time: Around 3 hours via NH 17/66 and 2 hours by ferry
Travel Tips: Bargain hard at local shops and markets or otherwise, you will be cheated on price. Avoid traveling alone at night.

#4. Diveagar Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Diveagar Beach
Situated on west coast of Arabian Sea on Konkan range, Diveagar Beach is an idyllic weekend getaway, perfect to spend some time in peace and solace. A haven for nature lovers, the beach boasts scintillating azure water, sugar-kissed white sand, and dense coconut and beetle nut groves. Untouched and unspoiled, this is indeed one of the best beaches in Maharashtra and certainly one amongst the Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast .

Attractions: Lord Ganesha Temple, which once housed pure gold idol of Ganesha. It has now been replaced by a silver idol.
Where to Stay: MTDC hotel is one of the best places to stay. Other good options are Gurumauli Resort, Anandi Beach Resort, and Manas Resorts.
Eating Out: There are no restaurants in Diveagar as such. In-house restaurants in your hotel or resort are best eating places. Mihika Bhojnalaya in Prathamesh Holiday Resorts is a good place to eat, serving fish dishes and Surmai Fry or Masala, most popular on Konkan coast. Delicious Konkani sea food at Khanawals is not also worth savoring.
Shopping: Shopping in Diveagar is limited online to betel nuts, coir pith, coir fiber and coir rope, available in local shops.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 200 km
Travel Time: Around 5 hours via NH 17/66
Travel Tips: Beachwear and sunscreen are a must here. Since beaches are secluded here, do not stroll around alone during night.

#5. Shrivardhan Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Shrivardhan Beach
Soft sands, gentle breeze, and pristine water makes Shrivardhan Beach an irresistible attraction to tourists. And if you are a true food aficionado, mouth-watering seafood delicacies here are simply outstanding. Indulge into adventure or discover rich history that dates back to the era of Maratha Empire. However, the most striking feature is meticulously built promenade, with benches, public toilets and dustbins that give it flair of beaches in the west and due this we have listed it among Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast.

Attractions: Lord Shankar Temple, Ganesh Gully, Diveagar Beach, and Harihareshwar Beach.
Where to Stay: Konkani House, Niwara Resort, Hotel Pinakin, Shiv Shanti Holiday Inn, Subhan Beach Resort, Savli Resort and Aapli Wadi Homestay.
Eating Out: Good places to eat are MTDC Beach Resort, Savli Resort, and Maitreya Beach resort. Don’t miss Konkan / Malvani cuisine here.
Shopping: Shopping here includes handicrafts, available in local shops and market.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 200 km
Travel Time: Around 5 hours via NH 17/66
Travel Tips: Shrivardhan is a popular holiday destination, and finding accommodation can be difficult if you haven’t booked in advance. Make sure that you do hotel bookings prior to coming here, especially during January to April.

#6. Velneshwar Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Velneshwar Beach
The beach ideally represents the lonely Konkan range, renowned for its implausible beauty, peace and solace. The rock-less, coconut palm-fringed sea is best for swimming and sunbathing. Verdant lush beauty and meandering Western Ghats will continue to captivate your senses ,which is again a reason enough to list it among Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast.

Attractions: Uma Mahesh Mandir and Vyaghrambary Mandir.
Where to Stay: MTDC Resort, Kinara Beach House, Kalpataru Home Stay, and Velneshwar SMT Guest House.
Eating Out: The in-house restaurants at MTDC Resort and Kinara Beach House are good places to eat here.
Shopping: Shopping in Velneshwar includes only betel leaves, which is abundantly available here.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 370 km
Travel Time: Around 7 hours
Travel Tips: Visit Velneshwar during March when Maha Shivratri Fair and Holi is celebrated with passion and merriment. Relish on cutting chai and hot Vada Pao while relaxing at one of the beach shacks here. Avoid the place during rainy season.

#7. Bhandarpule Beach

Top 7 Beaches on Maharashtra Konkan Coast : Bhandarpule Beach
The beautiful and serene Bhandarpule Beach is nuzzled up between two hillocks, only 2 km from Ganapatipule. The shoreline is popular for soft sun-kissed sand and clear blue sea lined with Suru trees. The beach is still unspoiled and virgin, making it the best place for travelers seeking sheer solitude and tranquility.

Attractions: The breathtaking view of the beach from a nearby hillock, Ganapatipule Beach.
Where to Stay: Two popular places to stay near Bhandarpule Beach are Nakshatra Beach Resort and Abhishek Beach Resort.
Eating Out: Popular eating places are in-house restaurants in Krishnali Beach Resort, Abhishek Beach Resort, and Nakshatra Beach Resort.
Shopping: Shopping is available only in Ganapatipule, located 2 km from the beach.
Distance from Mumbai – Approx 354 km
Travel Time: Around 6 hours
Travel Tips: Since the beach is secluded and lonely, avoid traveling alone during night.

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