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Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking is one of the best ways of getting close to nature, land, traditions and culture and learning the civilisation. Trekking in Ladakh takes you at an altitude ranging between 2750-7672 meters above the sea level, where you will surely love the fascinating experience of trekking the unexplored hills .Trekking in the regions of Ladakh is the most awe striking feeling in terms of exploring numerous trekking routes with high range of mountains, standing close to the indigo sky, amidst the vivid landscapes and pristine environment. Some captivating routes for trekking in Ladakh are:

Top 5 Routes For Trekking In Ladakh

  1. Trekking the Enthralling Routes of Nubra ValleyTrekking In LadakhNubra Valley is famous as Valley of Flowers and here you can trek at an altitude of 10000 ft. above the sea level with a rich glimpse of the nature. Nubra Valley is well known for its mild climate and rich vegetation. While trekking through this route, you will lead towards Khardung la Pass (the highest motor able road in the world) which is situated 18,380 feet above the sea level. The major attractions to enthral you are vistas of the double backed Bactrian Camels and the serenity of colourful landscapes. If you want to avoid trekking, you can take up a camel safari ride which also provides you an opportunity to admire the looks of villages like Khardong, Khalser and Diskit. Diskit is popular for a 350 year old monastery.
  1. Adventurous Ride at the Markha Valley TrekTrekking in LadakhMarkha Valley Trek is amongst the most fascinating and diverse treks in the world. The astonishing vistas of the barren landscapes, pale canyons tinted with multi-hued prayer flags swaying in the breezy atmosphere will make you fall in love with this place. At this trek, you get to experience tremendous views of Great Himalayas, Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. It is recommended that Markha Valley Trek is undertaken by experienced trekkers or by enthusiastic adventure lovers during the month of July to October.
  1. Challenge Yourself with the Chader TrekChadar_trekChader Trek is believed to be amongst the most dangerous and challenging treks and hence is rarely undertaken by foreigners. Chader means a sheet, in this case a sheet of ice as the trekkers need to trek through the Zanskar, a river that freezes during winter. Chader Trek is an eventual experience for adventure seekers during winter. The trek looks more enchanting with the looks of striking mountains and glaciers. When the mountain passes are closed due to heavy snowfall, the trekkers have to cross the snow covered river, which is the only way to Zanskaris.
  1. King of trekking- Darcha- Lamayuru TrekTrekking in LadakhWhile trekking the routes of Darcha to Lamayuru, you are going to witness the admiring beauty of Zanskar, empowered through the Tantric Buddhism practices and incredible landscapes. The vistas of historical monasteries are some of the great attraction that you can experience while trekking the routes of Darcha-Lamayuru Trek. You can also enjoy visiting great ancient gompas like Phuktalgompa and Karshagompa on this route.
  1. Rumtse to Tsomoriri TrekTrekking in LadakhLocated at a distance of 85 km. from Leh, Rumtse to Tsomoriri trek is the most unique trek in the south east of Ladakh. Trekkers get fascinated with the enticing views of high-altitude dry lands, salty water lakes and rocky mountain ranges. You can also explore the Tsomoriri Lake in order to watch the striking looks of wild animals and birds of different species. The highest pass of this trekking route is Kyamaryuru La (5400 m.), in terms of altitude. The ultimate blend of trekking and the omnipresent Buddhist culture, in this high desert flat terrain, make it an incredible Himalayan journey.

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