Trekking Routes in the Western Ghats

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Escape from the mundane city life and take the alluring trekking in the Western Ghats to re-energize yourself. Over the last few years, besides the mountain ranges of North India, trekking in the Western Ghats has emerged as a popular adventure destination. Enjoy the trekking trails in the Western Ghats and soak in the beauty of Mother Nature in her pristine form. Enveloping the Western range (1600 km.) of India and stretching across the six states namely Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Western Ghats is the ideal place for adventure tours.

Trekking In The Western Ghats

If you enumerate the trekking trails in the Western Ghats, you would find a diverse range of options to choose from. Landscapes in the Western Ghats have a language of its own that expresses its soul from the tiny flowers to the mighty peaks. Trekking in the Western Ghats requires least preparation and planning as most treks are easy to hike and as a bonus, there is no altitude sickness in the Western Ghats. Most of the trekking places in the Western Ghats are rich with itsinhabitants that consist of waterfalls, green jungles, foothills, ancient temples and much more. All the Western Ghats are enclosed in the memorable rain, clouds, sunrise and sunsets. We bring to you the list of most popular trekking spots in the Western Ghats.


Best Trekking Trails in Western Ghats


State: Maharashtra

Bhimshankar Trek(Altitude 3150 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Located in the northwest of Khed (50 km.), itis a popular trekking trail in the Western Ghats because the trek is encompassed with scenic locations that includes a visit to famous Bhimshankar Shiva Temple that houses one of the 12 Jyotirlings.

  • Highlights: It offers an offbeat trek in the midst of wildlife sanctuary, hidden waterfalls, rock climbing and the perfect opportunity to showoff your photography skills.
  • Base: Khandas village which is 45 minutes from Neral Railway Station (25 km.)
  • Finish: Bhimshankar Temple
  • Best Time: June – September
  • Duration: 6 hours (8 – 10 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek

Mandangad Trek (Altitude 900 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Resting in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Mandangad is a famous trek in Maharashtra and is often opted as a weekend getaway for Mumbai and Pune dwellers.

  • Highlights: It offers a tranquil trek surrounded by dense forest, Ganesh temple, lakes and 400-year old cannon on the top of the fort. Nearby beaches and cycling routes are also crowd puller.
  • Base: Mandangad town which is 50 minutes from Sape Wamne Railway Station (31 km.) and 4 hours from Pune (160 km.)
  • Finish: MandangadFort
  • Best Time: September – February
  • Level: Easy Trek

Ratangad Trek(Altitude 4250 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Located in the Ahmednagar district, Ratangad is one of the best trekking spots in the Western Ghats as it has the perfect symposium of nature and history while also indulging in one of the oldest fort (2000 years) in India.

  • Highlights: It offers you scenic views of Sandhan valley and Kalsubai peak from the huge cave (Needle Hole Point) on top of the fort and the backwaters of Bhandardara Dam. It also offers alternate routes for you to enjoy while ascending and descending.
  • Base: Samrad village which is 2 hours from Kasara Railway Station (80 km.)
  • Finish: Ratangad Fort
  • Best Time: June – February
  • Duration: (4 – 6 hours) 10 km.
  • Level: Moderate Trek

 State: Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek(Altitude1015 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Situated on Goa – Karnataka border, this scenic destination is one of the best trekking trails in the Western Ghats which offers you an exhilarating experience of Dudhsagar Falls amidst the dense forest of Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary.

  • Highlights: It offers two offbeat trekking routes via train track trail or mud road trek.
  • Base: Kulem Railway Station
  • Finish: Dudhsagar Falls
  • Best Time: July – December
  • Duration: 8 – 10 hours (22 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek

Chorla Ghat Trek(Altitude2620 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Sojourn in the Chorla Ghats which lies in the intersection of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra offers you nature centric getaways in the lush Swapnagandha Valley.

  • Highlights: It offers you tranquil rain forest, white water rafting, waterfalls, bird watching and an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the Western Ghats.
  • Base: Chorla Ghat which is 1 hour from Thivim Railway Station (40 km.)
  • Best Time: October – May
  • Level: Moderate Trek

State: Karnataka

Mullayanagiri Trek(Altitude6330 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Delve into one of the top 10 treks in the Western Ghats. It is a perfect venue to satiate your wanderlust with Karnataka trekking, on its highest peak, Mullayanagiri.

  • Highlights: It offers you an uneven serpentine terrain that is perpetually covered in cool misty fog, dense grasslands, exotic flora, huge rock walls and famous Shiva Temple.
  • Base: Sarpadhari village which is 30 minutes from Chikkamagaluru Railway Station (17 km.).
  • Finish: Bababudangiri (Second highest peak of Karnataka)
  • Best Time: September – February
  • Duration: 6 – 8 hours (13 km.)
  • Level: Moderate / Difficult Trek


Mekedatu Fall Trek(Altitude2697 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

One of the most beautiful treks in the Western Ghats, Mekedatu trek is also a favourite picnic spot among the locals for it picturesque backdrop of Karighatta Hills along with its gorging water.

  • Highlights: It offers you the splendid confluence point of Cauvery River and Arkavathy along with its temple dedicated to Sangama. Rocky cliffs and Chunchi falls is also crowd puller ventures.
  • Base: Sangama which is 1 hour from Kanakapura Railway Station (35 km.) and 2 hours 10 minutes from Bangalore city (95 km.)
  • Best Time: May – September
  • Level: Moderate Trek
  • Additional Info: Mandatory to take permission from Forest Department and enjoy nearby treks as per your leisure.


Kunti Betta Trek(Altitude3155 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Lauded as one of the favourite trekking places near Bangalore (130 km.), it attracts mostly I.T. techies for its challenging rocky terrain and unique night trekking opportunity.

  • Highlights: It offers you a splash of mythological intrigue, abandoned caves, panoramic view of Tonnuru Lake, waterfalls and its mesmerising splendour under the spell of moonlight. Water sports such as kayaking and swimming can also be enjoyed here.
  • Base: Pandavpura city
  • Best Time: All around the year
  • Duration: 1 hour (2 km.)
  • Level: Easy Trek


Brahmagiri Trek(Altitude5275 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Thresholding on Kerala border, this trek takes you into Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary which offers you awesome greenlands views. This beautiful trek in Karnataka is highly recommended for the first time trekkers.

  • Highlights: It is a home to large herds of elephants, so elephant sightings are common in this area along with the endless grasslands, waterfalls, river streams and it also provides ample shelter during monsoons.
  • Base: Irupu temple is the trekking start point which is 1 hour 30 minutes from Coorg (60 km.).
  • Finish: Brahmagiri Peak
  • Best Time: November – February
  • Duration: 2 days (19 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek


Bandajje Arabi Trek(Altitude4950 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Offering panoramic views of the mesmerising Western Ghats this trek near Bangalore in Charmadi Ghat area is blessed with Bandajje Arabi waterfall, thick forests and grassland.

  • Highlights: It offers you the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets at the Western Ghats along with a challenging trek and rewarding us with random wildlife sightings.
  • Base: Gowdara Mane, which is 20 minutes from Ujira (13 km.)
  • Finish: Durgadahalli
  • Best Time: November – March
  • Duration: 10 – 12 hours (15 – 17 km.)
  • Level: Difficult Trek
  • Additional Info: Alternate trekking routes are available and guide is mandatory.


State: Kerala

Chembra Peak Trek(Altitude 6000 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Residing in the south of Wayanad district, it is one of the adventurous hikes in the Western Ghats enveloped in dense Nilgiri district.

  • Highlights: It offers an unusual trek that includes lush green tea gardens at its foothills and a heart shaped lake.
  • Base: Chembra Peak trekking start point which is 45 minutes from Kalpetta (17 km.)
  • Best Time: September – January
  • Duration: 4 – 6 hours (7 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek


Chimmony Trek(Altitude3660 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Located in the Thrissur district, this adventurous hike in Kerala lies in the Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary that is surrounded by a picturesque dam across the Chimmony River along with its diverse flora and fauna.

  • Highlights: It offers you bird watching activity along with wildlife sightings of elephants, sambars, sloth bears etc. and adventure activities such as rock climbing, bamboo rafting even on full moonlights.
  • Base: Chimmony Dam is the trekking start point which is 1 hour 15 minutes from Thrissur Railway Station (38 km.)
  • Best Time: November – April
  • Duration: 2 hour – full day
  • Level: Moderate Trek
  • Additional Info: Entry charges are applicable for anyvisitor (INR 10), car (INR 75) and trekking (INR 150).


Meesapulimala Peak Trek(Altitude8661 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Housing in the Idukki district of Kerala, indulge trekking in the Sahyadris (Western Ghats) at the 2nd highest peak of South India. The trek is through the eight hills that share the border among Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is an enduring testing trek.

  • Highlights: It offers high altitude grasslands, thick rain forests, world’s highest tea estate, waterfalls and occasional wildlife sightings.
  • Base: Munnar which is 4 hours from Cochin (128 km.)
  • Best Time: September – April
  • Duration: 1 day (21 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek
  • Additional Info: It is mandatory to have permission from Forest Department for trekking in these areas.


State: Andhra Pradesh

Nagalapuram Hills Trek(Altitude1660 ft)

Located in the Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, Nagalapuram adventure tours are quite popular as it lies near Tamil Nadu border. Trekkers from both states enjoy this scenic destination.

  • Highlights: It offers an offbeat nature trek where you can take a stroll along the water stream and can also enjoy biking, swimming in the famous ‘magic pool’ on the top of the hill. A motorable road along the Nagala Dam is also enjoyed by the visitors.
  • Base: Arai village which is 30 minutes from Nagalapuram town (17 km.)
  • Finish: Nagalapuram Waterfalls
  • Best Time: September – December
  • Duration: 5 hours (13 km.)
  • Level: Moderate Trek


State: Tamil Nadu


Perumal Trek(Altitude 8005 ft)

trekking in the western ghats

Perumal Trek is one of the popular trekking trails in the Western Ghats that delights the visitors with its enthralling peaks and this Tamil Nadu trekking is highly recommended to novice trekkers also.

  • Highlights: It offers the invigorating scene of the enveloping Western Ghats range from the top of Perumalmalai (Perumal) Peak along with small waterfall and hamlets inhabiting in this terrain.
  • Base: Perumalmalai which is 20 minutes from Kodaikanal (12 km.)
  • Finish: Perumal Peak
  • Best Time: December – May
  • Duration: 5 hours (13 km.)
  • Level: Easy Trek

Tips for Trekking in Western Ghats

  • Make it a good practice to pack light food like a sandwich for your trek, irrelevant to the facilities provided on treks.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes and pants that will ensure your added protection from insects and mosquitoes.
  • It is a good practice to carry light raincoat or poncho that will protect you from sudden climate variances.
  • Wear good quality trekking/sports shoes such that even if they become wet, they will still have good tractions against the slippery
  • Carry lightweight double shoulder bag which is easy to carry and also make sure to cover everything in the plastic bag to protect your valuables from damage.
  • Carelessness in the Ghats could cost you your life, so avoid taking unnecessary risk.
  • It is easy to get lost in the wilderness, so stay in the group and don’t venture out in the unknown trail by yourself.
  • Start your trail in the morning rather than in blazing heat or late at night without a torch.

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