Things To Do In Bangalore Mysore Ooty Trip


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Things To Do In Bangalore Mysore Ooty Trip

South Indian sojourns never cease to surprise you with their diversity. Diversity in monuments, culture, history, and geography- what else would you ask for! Do you have an explorer self? If yes, you would always look for something extraordinary and unique; something exclusive that rejuvenates your traveller spirit with the charm of offbeat places and activities. We thus share with you Unique Things To Do In Bangalore Mysore Ooty Trip.

Unique Things To Do In Bangalore Mysore Ooty Trip

Things To Do In Bangalorethings to do in bangalore

Biking to Sholay Village

Re-live the legendary Bollywood movie Sholay by taking a journey to Ramanagaram. If you are not comfortable with a bike, hire a car. The place would definitely remind you the barren land with boulders where Gabbar Singh, the infamous villain of the saga roamed once, and where Basanti danced to set Veeru free.This is one among the things to do in Bangalore.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 50 km. in the southwest.

Bicycling to Nrityagram

Nrityagram means dance village. You would get to experience the traditional Gurukul system and exotic Indian Classical dance performances like Odissi, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi etc. in a beautiful rustic village. It was founded by Odissi dancer PratimaGauri. There are chances to witness pottery and village games here and there. Your way to Nrityagram would be a journey through yards of vegetation, mango and grapes farms and paddy fields.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 35 km.

Experiencing Wine Making

Beneath Nandi hills, there is a stretch of vineyards. Here one can get a rich experience of wine making. Starting from learning its history and elaborate process to wine-tasting, here you can get enriched like never before.Experiencing wine making is certainly one of the things to do in Bangalore.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 61.2 km.

Rock Climbing and Camping

Ramnagaram and Savandurga would give you an exclusive camping experience. The forest camp site at Savandurga is well planned. Turahalli on Kanakapura road offers some great rock climbing experiences. There are options of Green Night trek in reserve forest, cave exploration, rappelling, target shooting, fort climbing, water sports like floating, kayaking etc.

  • Distance from Bangalore(Savandurga): 55.6 km.

Meditating in Pyramid Valley

Pyramid Valley is an international meditation pyramid located in a village called Kebbedoddi. In the lap of serene and lush green nature, the meditation valley offers a magnificent Maitreya- Buddha Pyramid. The splendid locale of the campus is ornamented with rocks, lakes, and hills.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 30 km.

Enjoying a Coffee-tour

If you want to have some sips of excellent quality south Indian filter coffee some exclusive cafes of Bangalore can be your definite destination. Here Art blend café offers art workshops, Atta Galatta serves freshly baked foods in a library, coffee on canvas serves chicken sandwich waffles with maple syrup and cartoon boards along with coffee.

Things to Do In Mysorethings to do in mysore

Visiting a Silk Weaving Factory

Here you can witness the entire process how the superfine Mysore silk takes shape here. Unspooling, Spinning into the fibre, loading on bobbins and spindles and finally dying- these are the different steps of silk weaving process. The fascinating colours mesmerize the viewers. Here you can buy the finished product like sarees, silk shirts, scarves etc.Visiting a silk weaving factory is certainly one of the things to do in Mysore.

Visiting the Government Sandalwood Oil Factory

Mysore is famous for its fragrant sandalwood oil and soap. A guide would take you through the process of powdering the wood and then boil, distill, condense in the factory. You can observe the extraction process of sandalwood oil and at the same time can buy the oil, soaps, incense sticks, cosmetics and perfumes. Visiting Government Sandalwood Oil Factory is certainly one of the things to do in Mysore.

Rock Climbing, Trekking and Boating

If you crave for an adrenaline rush and want to spend some special moments amidst wild nature, you have to visit Karanji, KuntiBetta and Thonnur Lake. Karanji Lake and island offer a beautiful landscape with flower plants and bushes. It is home to almost 50 species of butterflies. KuntiBetta belongs to mythological Mahabharata stories. The periods of the greatest epic of India become alive here. French rocks, sugarcane and paddy fields make the place unique. There you can visit Thonnur tank. Just going down the stairs you can enjoy swimming.

  • The distance of Karanji- 4.3 km. from Mysore
  • The distance of KuntiBetta- 32.4 km. from Mysore

Things To Do In OotyThings To Do In Ooty

Lake Tours

Not termed as a city of lakes, still Ooty mesmerizes with some magnificent lakes. Porthimund Lake is famous as the shooting spot of Mani Ratnam film Roja. Then there is Emerald Lake which is located in the silent valley. Scenic sunrise and sunsets, lush green tea plantation around, varieties of fishes and birds make the region sublime. Magnolias, orchids and rhododendrons decorate the surroundings of Avalanche Lake. You can enjoy trout fishing here. A trout hatchery is established nearby. Rafting in the lake and trekking to wild Upper Bhavani can be an enriching experience.Thus, lake tours in Ooty is surely one of the things to do in Ooty.

  • The Distance of Avalanche Lake: 28 km. from Ooty
  • The Distance of Emerald Lake: 25 km. from Ooty
  • The Distance of PorthimundiLake: 24 km. from Ooty.

Food Tours

Be its bakery items or amazing kebabs, Ooty excels in exotic foods. Traditional Ooty biscuits, homemade chocolate, fudge, strawberry, fig, mango, and blackcurrant flavoured chocolates are specialties of Ooty.Relish the perfectly grilled and spiced chunks of lamb and chicken. Kebabs are the magnificent delicacies of this region. Delicious paneer kebabs are there for vegetarians. Ooty is the destination for those who worship culinary exclusivity.If you visit Ooty and miss the food tours, you would certainly be missing one of the important things to do in Ooty.

Visiting Pykara

This place rejuvenates your senses with lush green pine forests and waterfalls. You can experience a stay in the boathouse. The little village is something to fall in love with.

Distance from Ooty: 19 km.

Enjoy every bit of the above-mentioned offbeat places on your  Bangalore Mysore Ooty Package  & we assure you that it would be once in a lifetime experience as it blends the best of everything.

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