9 Best Places for Trekking in India


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best places for trekking in india

Breathtaking landscape of our country beckon for thrilling trekking experiences, rambling through bountiful forests, magical meadows, majestic mountains, exotic waterfalls, and quaint villages, discovering the splendours of nature unfold. Listed here are the 9 best places for trekking in India that adventure lovers shouldn’t miss.

#1. The Markha Valley, Ladakh

Markha Velley Trek

For true adventure lovers, trekking the Markha Valley in Ladakh promises the most enriching experience. The expedition begins at Zingchen, unraveling the beauty of nature amid myriads of colors, barren snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, and exquisitely verdant landscape. Markha Valley is one of the most astounding hikes, where you can discover the marvels of Zanskar range, Stok Kangri and Kang Yatse range, and Hemis National Park.The Sheer adventure of this trek makes it one amongst the best places for trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Season: June to October

#2. Kudremukh, Karnataka

kudremukh trek

Trekking the amazing Kudremukh in Karnataka is one of the best adventure experiences you will ever have. The luxuriantly verdant “horse face shaped” hill promises a truly memorable experience, trekking through gentle ascents in initial stages and then extremely challenging ones as you reach the summit. This 1-day trekking experience is a challenge for both novices and professionals alike.The lush green mountains & serene and scenic views with  lots of adventure makes it one of the contenders of being listed as  the best places for trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Season: November to February

#3. Sandakphu, West Bengal

sandakphu trek

For sheer adrenalin rush, excitement, and fun, trek along Singalila Ridge to Sandakphu, the highest peak in West Bengal. The 3-day trek is one of the most challenging expeditions in India, rambling through the marvels of Darjeeling, misty clouds, verdant mountains, lush forests, and snow. Look around, and you will never get enough of the stunning view! The trek starts at Manebhanjan from where Sandakphu is 32 km.You miss it and you would surely miss one of the best places of trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: March to May and October to November

#4. Siang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

siang valley trek arunachal pradesh

The quaint and serene Siang Valley, situated in Arunachal Pradesh, promises splendid views and experiences that you will cherish forever. The amazing 11 days 12 nights trekking expedition lets you discover the breathtaking beauty and pristine marvel of Arunachal Pradesh. Beginning from Dibrugarh, Assam, the expedition comprises charming sights of Yembung, Ponging, Sessen, Milang, Marying, and Peaka Modi.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: October to February

#5. Chadar Frozen Lake Trek, Ladakh

chadar frozen river trek

Imagine the thrill of walking on an astounding frozen river! The truly irresistible experience is a mix of excitement and fear that promises a memory that you will cherish forever. Trek the breathtaking Zanskar Lake in Ladakh that remains frozen throughout the winter season and reach the beautiful Zanskar village for an enriching experience. Trekking amid snowfall and tricky gradients can be a challenge for even professional trekkers. The expedition is popularly named as Chadar Frozen Lake Trek.Adventure..adventure & adventure is what makes Chadar as one of the best places of trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Season: June to September

#6. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

valley of flower trek

Nature lovers simply cannot miss trekking the amazing Valley of Flowers in the state of Uttarakhand. The expedition covers 17 km, hiking through rugged and challenging terrains, only to be welcomed by lovely flora and breathtaking beauty of the Valley of Flowers. Discover rare species of exotic flowers, verdant landscape and a magical aura that will makes your experience even more delightful and memorable.There is perhaps no other trek as scenic as this  and thus Valley of Flowers trek is surely one of the best places for trekking in India.

Another trekking route worth exploring in Uttarakhand is Satopanth Trek for which Waytoindia organises fixed departures between the months of May to September.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: July to September

#7. Manali Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

trek to rohtang pass

If you love trekking, Manali is a place that you cannot afford to miss. Hike through the challenging Rohtang Pass and indulge into marvelous beauty and tranquil splendor of snow-capped Himalayas, verdant fruit orchards, glimmering Beas River, colorful flowers and meadows, and exotic Deodar and Alpine trees. However, trekking through Rohtang Pass is endangered because heavy snowfall and landslide often causes road block. Otherwise, it is an experience to be cherished.Go for this trek and chances are that you would cherish that you went to one of the best places for trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Season: June to October

#8. Chopta Chandrashila Trek , Uttarakhand

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Perched at an implausible elevation of 2900 feet, Chopta Chandrashila promises one of the most stunning trekking experiences in India. It is also known as “Mini Switzerland,” owing to mesmerizing beauty of nature during winter that allures tourists from around the world. Trek to Chandrashila, the peak of Tungnath Ranges, and explore the charm of verdant landscapes, myriads of colors, and salubrious climate. Chopta is 254 km from Rishikesh and 36 km from Gopeshwar.Once you reach the Chandrashila top, you feel as if you are on the top of the world, and you would surely feel blessed that you did not miss this one of the best places for trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: September to November

#9. Goecha La Trek , Sikkim 

goeche la trek

Unique landscape, mystifying surroundings, and warm people make Goecha La trek an enriching experience for adventure lovers. The expedition begins at Yuksom, at an elevation of 5,600 feet, hiking through amazing places such as Tshoka, Sachen, Thansing, and Dzongri, before you reach the exquisite snowy trail of Goecha La. Beautiful meadows, Rhododendron forests, and glittering streams make the hiking experience even more charming.Treking at an elevaton above 5,600 feet to reach the snowy Geocha La makes it one amongst the top places for trekking in India.

Difficulty Level: Medium to Challenging

Best Season: March to April and September to November.

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