Tourist Places In Jharkhand

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Tourist Places in Jharkhand

This blog accounts for some of the must visit tourist places of Jharkhand.

Resting on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, Jharkhand might have been carved from Bihar in 2000, but the region existed before 500 BC as well.

Tribal culture is the main identity of this East Indian state while the expansive forest cover and affluent biodiversity represents its profile. Immensely rich in mineral resources and home to the world-class steel cities, it significantly contributes towards the country’s tourism through attractions like hill stations, ancient caves, wildlife reserves, pilgrimage sites and more. The tourist places in Jharkhand are relatively unexplored and the following blog introduces the best in the lot. Find information regarding:

  • Airports, railway stations and road distances to access these attractions
  • What makes these places truly worth exploring
  • Activities including adventures, shopping, fairs, festivals and food
  • Useful tips like when to visit and safety concerns

Deoghar (248 km. from Ranchi, 272 km. from Jamshedpur, 254 km


The land of temples, Deoghar is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, named Baidyanath Temple, where the demon king Ravana lost the Shiva Lingam he was taking to Lanka. In addition, there are other popular temples like Naulakha Temple, Nav Durga Temple, Karnibagh Maa Kali Shakti Peetha and Basukinath Temple. Other interesting sites include the Shivganga pool, Tapovan Caves and Hills, Mandar Hill (believed to be the mythological Sumeru Parvat used to churn the sea) and Nandan Pahar.

  • Nearest Airport: Patna (260 km.), Ranchi (250 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Baidyanath Dham Junction, Jasidih Junction
  • Best Time: October-March
  • Activities: Ropeway ride to Trikuta Hill, entertainment park and sunset views on Nandan Pahar, Saawan Mela (July/August), enjoy malai tea and sweets like tilkut and peda; buy traditional bangles and bel ka morabba (a sweet fruit preserve)
  • Tips: Beware of grey monkeys; July-August can be overcrowded due to Saawan Fair

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Betla National Park (173 km. from Ranchi, 310 km. from Jamshedpur, 254 km. from Patna)

Betla National Park

Amidst the thick woods of sal and bamboo of Belta, the centuries-old tribes continue to live by rivers like Koel and Burha and share space with the like of tigers, panthers, sloth bears, bisons, elephants, wolves, hyenas, and jackals. But, that’s not all! The park is a treasure trove of historical forts, waterfalls, hot springs and a large number of birds like hornbills, storks, ibises, doves, drongos, and quails. Among the top tourist places in Jharkhand, it is the best bet to explore the region’s wealthy wildlife.

  • Nearest Airport: Ranchi (180 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Barwadih (14 km.), Daltonganj (24 km.)
  • Best Time: April-June (wildlife sightseeing), November-February (pleasant weather)
  • Activities: Wildlife safari, tiger sightseeing at Palamau Tiger Reserve, explore waterfalls like Mirchaia and hot springs like Tataha Pani, discover heritage at the 16th and 18th-century forts
  • Tips: Entry fee: INR 100/200 (Indians/foreigners), camera fee: INR 50, safari fee: INR 200/400 (jeep/elephant)

Ranchi (128 km. from Jamshedpur, 320 km. from Patna, 400 km. from Kolkata)


Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi is the perfect getaway for holidaymakers. Surrounded by hills and forests, the city has scenic waterfalls, serene lakes, exciting zoological parks and exquisite gardens and marvellous temples to keep you busy throughout the trip. Then, there are mouth-watering cuisines and street foods to splurge on and a full array of ethnic handicrafts to take back home.

  • Nearest Airport: Ranchi
  • Nearest Railway Station: Ranchi
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Activities: Visit waterfalls like Jonha, Dassam, Hundru and Hirni; boating at Ranchi Lake; leisure at Kanke Dam; explore wonderful creations at Rock Garden and Nakshatra Van and wildlife at Birsa Zoological Park and Muta Crocodile Breeding Centre, picnic on Tagore Hill; visit the temples like Jagannath temple, Dewri Temple, Sun Temple and Pahari Temple (known for hoisting the largest Indian National Flag on the tallest flag post)

Don’t miss the delicious street food like litti chokha, golgappas, pittha, rugra, dhuska and bamboo shoots and sweets like mithai khaja, til burfi, thekua and malpua. Buy the beautiful Paitkar paintings, wood and stone carvings, metalwork and bamboo work

  • Tips: Prefer buying at government emporiums. The nearby valley of Patratu promises a fabulous excursion from the city.

Hazaribagh (96 km. from Ranchi, 216 km. from Jamshedpur, 227 km. from Patna, 390 km. from Kolkata) Blessed with immensely enjoyable climate, visually appealing natural beauty and arrays of religious sites, Hazaribagh has come up as a popular health resort and one of the top-rated tourist places in Jharkhand. There are lakes, hills, lush green surroundings and dams that fascinate one to spend an extended holiday here. In the close vicinity are the attractions like old temples and hot springs, while the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is a treat for wildlife lovers.

  • Nearest Airport: Ranchi (99 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Hazaribagh Town Railway Station
  • Best Time: October-March
  • Activities: Trek to Canary Hills and enjoy scenic panoramas from the top; picnic, water sports, sunrise and sunset at Hazaribagh Lake; visit Narsingh Sthan Temple; explore and buy handicrafts at Urban Haat; enjoy street food items like aaloo chop, kachari, samosa, matka kulfi, tikki and kebabs; see animals like tiger, panther, chital, nilgai and sambar at the wildlife sanctuary.
  • Tips: Plan excursions to Rajrappa Temple, Harihar Dham Temple, Surajkund Hot Water Springs, Konar Dam and Telaiya Dam.

Parasnath (145 km. from Ranchi, 189 km. from Jamshedpur, 284 km. from Patna, 315 km. from Kolkata)


Jharkhand’s highest mountain, Parasnath Hill, is home to Shikharji, a sacred Jain pilgrimage site with pearly white temples adorning the luxuriantly green surroundings. It is the place where twenty out of the twenty-four Jain Titrthankaras (including Parshvanatha) attained salvation. The hills are home to many wild animals like jackals, leopards and bears. The kind of peace one enjoys here makes Parasnath one of the best Jharkhand tourist places.

  • Nearest Airport: Durgapur (135 km.), Ranchi (147 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Parasnath
  • Best Time: October-March
  • Activities: Climb to the top of the hill; pray at various temples and savour their charm; perform parikarma of the sacred hill; visit nearby tourist places like Kandoli Reservoir, Harihar Dham (known for the largest Shiva Lingam of height 65 ft.) and Usri Falls
  • Tips: Alcohol and non-vegetarian food are strictly prohibited. Dolis (a kind of palanquins) and ponies are available to reach the top; though climbing on foot is a fun activity.

Netarhat (153 km. from Ranchi, 349 km. from Patna, 284 km. from Jamshedpur)

Truly, the best-kept secret of Jharkhand, the beautiful hill station called Netarhat boasts of virgin beauty. Deservingly called ‘the Queen of Chota Nagpur’, the place promises solace in the laps of nature with exotic greenery and presence of gushing waterfalls. It is believed that the sunrise and sunset views from various vantage points at Netarhat are among the best one can get in the netire world.

  • Nearest Airport: Ranchi (156 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kumendi (95 km.)
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Activities: Explore the nature’s wonders like Upper Ghaghri Falls, Lower Ghaghri Falls and Sadni Falls. Koel View Point is another tourist spot with stunning views of forests and River Koel. Visit Magnolia Point for breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Enjoy the thick covers of pine forests and absolute peace at night.
  • Tips: If time allows, plan a small excursion to the highest waterfall of the state, Lodh Fall, which is only 60 km. from Netarhat.

Dalma Hills (13 km. from Jamshedpur, 135 km. from Ranchi, 285 km. from Kolkata)

Dalma Hills
Dalma Hills

At a height of about 3,000 ft. and in the close vicinity of the Steel City Jamshedpur, Dalma Hills are full of nature’s charm with dense forests painting the landscapes in exotic greens. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is home to tigers, elephants, gaurs, bears, deers and other wild animals and is a bonus for the visitors. The place also offers numerous lakes and some thrilling adventure activities. There is no reason to not include Dalma Hills in the list of the best tourist places in Jharkhand.

  • Nearest Airport: Ranchi (138 km.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Tatanagar Junction (19 km.)
  • Best Time: October-March
  • Activities: Wildlife sightseeing, nature walks, trekking, mountain climbing are some of the top things to do here. Yoga and stunning sunrise and sunset views at Dimna Lake too can be enjoyed.
  • Tips: It is advised to be in groups and don’t venture into the forest areas. The nearby city of Jamshedpur hosts several tourist spots like Hudco Lake, Bhuvaneswari Temple, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Coin Museum and Jubilee Park.

The best part about tourist places in Jharkhand is that these are located close to each other and can be clubbed together to form a long itinerary with friends and families. The tourists are slowly recognizing the potential of the state as an unexplored and less-crowded holiday destination and that may work in your favour if you prefer to escape from the chaotic tourist places.