Awesome Hippie Locations in India


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Awesome Hippie Locations in India

Whether you admire hippie culture or simply drained out of the constant drill of life and want some peace, these awesome hippie locations in India would definitely give you a kick ! 

Awesome Hippie Locations In India

Gone are the sixties but the hippie culture and influence is still present in India, living up to the idea of celebrating life the way you like it. The vibrant and free-spirited folks will let you experience life like never before. So, if you are in pursuit of ‘tripping’ on life and experience hippie culture at its best, India has something extremely intriguing for you. The serene locations, amiable ambience and glorious herbs would certainly leave you in a trance; an experience to cherish forever. Here are some mind-blowing hippie locations in India you should visit:

Goa – Best Hippie Getaway1Undoubtedly, this is the best hippie destination in India and a true hippie getaway. Tucked along serene beaches and happy-go-lucky, lazy ambience, it seems to transform into a hippie comes naturally in Goa. Bask the sun, indulge in some mind-blowing psychedelic music or lose yourself completely in the trance in one of the night-long rave parties. In every nook and corner, you might meet a hippie, settled here forever because they cannot get enough of sun, sea and herbs. Anjuna and Vagator beaches are famous for rave parties that promise you some awesome experiences. Pack your bags and set off to the true hippie place in India or perhaps, anywhere in the world.

How to reach: Board a flight to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and then take a car or bus to Goa. You can also board a direct flight to Dabolim International Airport in Goa if available from your country.

Manali – Hippie’s Paradise

Truly defining itself as Hippie Paradise amidst the mighty Himalayas, Manali is one of the best hippie locations in India. The quaint hill station does not merely houses hordes of hippies with the abundance of life, but also offers breathtaking scenic vistas that perfectly complement hippie lifestyle and exuberance. The lofty mountains, lush valleys and a laid-back environment would definitely make you fall in love with this place. Adding to the delight, the place actually smells like a hippie’s pocket owing to an abundance of herbs that are grown here. So, just go, hippie, a day and live a Bohemian life amidst nature’s wonder and plenty of other ‘surprises.’

How to reach: Reach Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and then board a bus or car to reach Manali via roadways.

Hampi – Hinterland of Hippie1eWhile the name ‘Hampi’ might instantly travel you to the land of ancient monuments and an olden village that is almost destroyed now, it is a true hippie neighbourhood. While Hampi’s greatest attractions are its famous Virupaksha Temple, Anegundi Fort, Queen’s Bath, Old Palace and Royal Enclosures, don’t simply get fooled by its look. There is something mysterious and inexplicable about Hampi that cannot be described in words…something tantalising that attract hippies from around the world to come and settle here in the trance. Apart from the renowned World Heritage Sites, hippie dancing, special herbs and special drinks will keep you immersed for long!

How to reach: The nearest international airport is in Bangalore, from where you have to board a train to reach Hospet Junction. Take a car from Hospet to reach Hampi.

Gokarna – Gateway to Nirvana2For a trippy, hippie traveller like you, what can be better than hitting your favourite Pink Floyd melody, use the ‘pot’ to the fullest and simply unwind amidst stunning vistas of Gokarna, a small beach town in Karnataka. The place is famous for Mahabaleshwara Temple but who cares! The ‘attractions’ for travellers like you are aplenty and that’s what makes Gokarna one of the best hippie places in India. The beaches are more or less untouched and there will be no one to disturb you.

How to reach: Dabolim International Airport in Goa is the nearest airport, located 140 km away from Gokarna.

Rishikesh – Hippie Haven241Forget the beaches and head to the Yoga Capital of the World – Rishikesh – and a true hippie haven. If you see foreign hippies happily soaking in cannabis & herbs with the free-spirited holy men, you are at Rishikesh! Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, it is the best place to unwind, relax and let go of the world. Thus, Rishikesh is a perfect blend of two worlds – spiritual and surreal, and you can have the best of both.

How to reach: Board a flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and then hire a car or take a bus to reach Rishikesh (230 km.)

Almora – Hippie Trails278One of the top hippie destinations in India, Almora is a small town tucked amidst lofty hills and breathtaking scenic vistas in the state of Uttarakhand. Crank’s Ridge, a hill situated just above Almora, makes it a famous hippie hotspot, attracting hippie crowd from around the world. Crack’s Ridge is also known as Hippie Hill as it exudes sheer old world charm that dates back to the 60s and 70s. The surreal beauty of the pine-covered hilly ridge has a certain laid-back ambience that is perfect for nirvana seekers like you. To believe it, you have to visit it! So take the trail to Crank’s Ride in Almora and make your visit most worthwhile.

How to reach: Indira Gandhi International Airport is the nearest international airport, located 391 km. from Almora.

Malana – Hippie’s Secret Land 579_250Tucked in the mystical land of Himalayas and nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, Malana is a treasure trove of cannabis. No wonder why it attracts hippies from all over the world. It may be little difficult to find what you came here for, but that does not mean you would not get the bliss you desire. The people here might be little unfriendly and that’s because of the police keeping a strict vigilance upon them on selling cannabis to tourists. It is this ‘hush-hush’ that even makes the experience of nirvana more fun and enjoyable. The weather, scenic beauty and everything complement perfectly to travel you to an unparalleled universe of trance. However, make sure to get a permit before you land into village boundaries.

How to reach: International travellers can board flights till Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and then catch the direct flight for Kullu. Several buses and cabs ply regularly from Kullu to Malana.

So, there you are. Next time you plan tripping, don’t forget these fantastic hippie places in India.




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