Fair and Festivals Of India In August

Fairs and festivals are true reflection of society, its people and culture. To unveil more of India’s cultural wealth , here is a comprehensive list of fair and festivals of India in August. Read and plan your tour to India in the month of August.

Fair and Festivals Of India In August

Fairs and Festivals in August

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

  • When: 8th August, 2016
  • Where: Lake Punnamada, Alappuzha, Kerala

Fair and Festivals Of India In August

Planning a visit to God’s Own Country in the month of August? Set your heart to witness one of the most spectacular events of the season – Nehru Trophy Boat Race. The gigantic snake boats put the ‘blue tracks’ of Lake Punnamada Lake on fire as they row swiftly to win one of the most prestigious awards. The ceremonial water processions and the synchronised and rhythmic way of rowing the boats make the occasion a rare spectacle. Book a ticket for the stands now and witnessing breathtaking speed chasing as you cheer for your favourite team.


Independence Day

  • When: 15th August, 2016
  • Where: Red Fort, Delhi

Fair and Festivals Of India In August

In India, the celebration of freedom does take the form of a festival on 15th August, or the Independence Day. While flag hoisting ceremony is a common sight all across the country, the real action takes place in Delhi at the Red Fort. The grand flag hoisting ceremony, followed by an honorary 21 gun shots and the National Anthem resonate pride, filling the air with patriotism and enthusiasm. However, what follows next is a visual treat, a spectacle to behold forever.

Discover India’s awe-inspiring cultural diversity amidst a riot of colours as famous art forms, traditions, scenes of freedom struggle, etc. of different states are portrayed dramatically through grand processions. Chivalrous demonstrations by India’s defence forces are a sight to behold forever. The purpose of being a part of India’s Independence Day celebration is to witness its cultural amalgamation and diversity that depicts brotherhood. However, to be a part of this spectacle, you have to book tickets well in advance. Talk to your tour agent today.

The Battle of the Kites is another attraction of the Independence Day. From Old Delhi’s streets to rooftops and parks, you will see colourful kites of every size and variety flying playfully, romancing the sky. So, if you visit Delhi in August, be a part of the Independence Day by being at Red Fort, flying a kite with locals or relishing some of the special delicacies prepared for this occasion.


  • When: 25th August, 2016
  • Where: Mathura, Vrindavan, Mumbai

Fair and Festivals Of India In August

Sri Krishna Janmashtami commemorates the birthday of Hindu deity Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The festival is celebrated throughout India; however, Mathura and Vrindavan are worth visiting during this occasion to witness the pomp and grandeur with which Janmashtami is celebrated in the country.

Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and has thousands of temples dedicated to the Almighty. During this festival, temples are beautifully adorned with rangolis and flowers to welcome Lord Krishna. Jhulanotsav is a unique feature of Janmashtami celebration in Mathura, marked by swings hanging in the courtyard of houses. Ghatas is another unique feature where the temples are adorned with the same colour of the chosen theme, including the attire of Lord Krishna. Jankis, or clay modelled figures, are also put on display throughout the city depicting various stages of Krishna’s life. The main event is held at Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir, where several rituals are followed and then the Lord is served with Chappan Bhog (56 dishes). The grand Bhog is a sheer delight for travellers visiting Mathura from around the world during Janmashtami.

The festival is also celebrated in Vrindavan, the sacred town where Krishna spent his childhood and performed Rasleelas with the Gopis. Professional artists perform the Rasleelas and different scenes from Hindu Epic Mahabharata on the occasion of Janmashtami. The performances are held in Madhuban, where Lord Krishna is believed to indulge into Rasleelas with the Gopis. Do not miss to taste delicious peda and buttery lassi, especially made for the occasion in Mathura and Vrindavan.       

In Mumbai, you will somewhat different form of Janmashtami celebration. The major highlight is Dahi Handi, where an earthen pot with curd, butter and money is tied up very high and youth make human pyramids to break the Handi.

Being a part of Janmashtami festival promises enthralling experiences, a myriad sights and sounds and rich traditions that reflect India’s culture and heritage. Thousands of devotees and tourists are visiting Mathura and Vrindavan during this festival. Are you one of them? It is one of the most popular festivals in India in August.

The Monsoon Festival

  • When: 20th – 28th August, 2016
  • Where: Delhi

Delhi’s Monsoon Festival will celebrate its 10th birthday this year, bringing to you a unique way of celebrating and falling in love with India’s monsoon. The much-awaited monsoon season is welcomed in Delhi with a cultural festival that encompasses everything from drama to music, dance, art, pottery, exhibition and more. An array of activities like theatre, workshops, fashion walks, visual art, etc. commemorate the marvellous monsoon, depicting the love that nature has towards this season and how it connects to human emotions. One of the biggest aspects of this festival is that all atrocities of modern life are prohibited here; rather it plays with the richness of human soul to contemplate over the awakening of monsoon in India.

It may not be one of the biggest festivals in India for August, but certainly one worth visiting to unwind, rejuvenate and replenish. This year, the festival is hosting the theme of Lord Krishna. During the festival, a 6-day exhibition will be held ‘Celebrating Krishna’ which will feature prominent folk, contemporary and traditional artists in their attempt to unveil expansive visuals of the blue god. Thus, you can even take back home amazing 20th century and contemporary PICHVAI art of Nathdwara, Rajasthan; CHERIYAL miniature art of Andhra Pradesh; SANJHI art from Vrindavan; and 20th-century calendar art from BHARANY collection. Besides, there will be a fantastic collection of sarees, apparel, home, art and accessories soaked in the colour of Krishna.

Thus, the festival will not merely relive your senses but also quench your thirst for India’s renowned art form and heritage.          


  • When: 17th – 18th August 2016
  • Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Fair and Festivals Of India In August

The astounding Pink City of Jaipur comes alive with vibrant colours, folk song and dance, delicious food and myriad expressions on the festival of Teej, a festival that marks the reunion of Hindu deities, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Teej is celebrated in the form of a fair, popularly known as Sawan Mela. A grand procession is organised from Tripolia Gate to Chaugan Stadium, featuring young girls and married women dressed in colourful red and green clothes and jewellery, and beautifully decorated horses, chariots and elephants. After the common rituals and traditions are performed in honour of Goddess Teej, a form of Goddess Parvati, people indulge in gala singing, dancing and relishing delectable Rajasthani cuisine, especially prepared for this occasion.

Why you should be a part of this festival on your tour to Jaipur is because it unravels the off beaten path, beyond the fairy tale palaces and grand forts of the city. It is a great opportunity to discover Rajasthan’s rich culture and traditions and even feast upon delicious cuisine.To book Jaipur Tour Package visit the link http://www.waytoindia.com/jaipur-tour-package  and send an enquiry.


The above India festivals for August will surely make your journey most unique and interesting.  

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