Places To Visit Around Delhi


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Sharing proximity with the lively national capital region of Delhi is the remarkable destinations promising adventures of all sorts. Your search on Places to visit around Delhi ends here.From the river-rafting trails and tiger territories to the haunted villages and desert camps, several invigorating ideas await to fully entertain the adventurous spirits. If you are planning to holiday somewhere in Delhi, it’s the best opportunity to get lucky and experience one of the adventures only a few miles away. Wondering why? Check out this amazing list to find the answer.

Places To Visit Around Delhi

Explore Neemrana Fort like a Bird

Places To Visit Around Delhi
Give wings to a mind-blowing royal expedition through the Flying Fox tour of the historical Neemrana Fort-cum-Palace.

About 120 km. from New Delhi is this much-loved venue perched over the rugged landscape of Aravalli Hills. The tour consists of 5 zip lines, each offering splendid aerial views that would embed in your memory forever. Miss the adventure and you will regret forever!

Conquer Wild Waves at Rishikesh

Places To Visit Around Delhi
One of the topmost river rafting destinations around the world, Rishikesh (about 230 km. away from Delhi) introduces one to the mighty Ganges (Ganga). Rapids of grade I to V and rafting stretches from 12 to 32 km. in length are enough to intensify the adrenaline rush in your body.

What more? Rishikesh is also a celebrated destination for many more adventures, ranging from trekking and camping to rock climbing, rappelling and kayaking.

If you are an adventure lover, Rishikesh is surely one of the best places to visit around Delhi.

Rendezvous with Tigers at Corbett

Places To Visit Around Delhi
You must have heard about the author-cum-hunter Jim Corbett’s deadly encounters with the man-eating Bengal tiger of Kumaon Region in the Himalayas.

Corbett National Park Tour offers the chance to meet the descendants of the fierce creature on an absolutely nerve-chilling jeep or elephant safari.

Located about 237 km. from the national capital, the park is a dream destination for every wildlife enthusiast.

Corbett is surely one of the best places to visit around Delhi.

Joy Ride in Kalka-Shimla Toy Train

Places To Visit Around Delhi
India hosts three mountain trains that are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

One of them, the Kalka-Shimla Railway is luckily located near to Delhi (about 275 km. away).

As the train strolls its way through tunnels and over bridges, the spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas unfolds dramatically. Board the train at Kalka Station and enjoy the fairy-tale journey to Shimla, one of the most picturesque hill stations of India.

Take this train and enjoy a vacation in Shimla, another destination among the best places to visit around Delhi.

Feel the Ghosts at Bhangarh

places to visit around Delhi
If you dare to wander in the territory of spirits, Bhangarh is definitely the place for you. The haunted city of Bhangarh continues to bear the curse of a black magician who lived here hundreds of years ago. Located some 245 km. from New Delhi, the fort is restricted for entry at night. Visit the place day time and feel the scary sensation of being among the ghosts.

Camp over Sand Dunes at OsianCamp over Sand Dunes at Osian
Extend your holiday in Delhi to few more days and escape to the mysterious desert land of Osian (about 560 km. away) where astounding luxury tents have been set up amidst hot sand. Spend the entire day visiting the superlative Jain temples with inimitable carvings and retire to the Swiss tents under the twinkling eyes at night. Bonfires, cool desert breeze and irresistible Indian cuisines arrange for the most unforgettable night of your life.

Witness the Mystery of Skeleton Lake at Roopkundthe Mystery of Skeleton Lake at Roopkund
The glacial lake of Roopkund, located in the high altitudes of Himalayas, is the site of an unsolved riddle. Back in 1942, the discovery of human skeletons in huge numbers in the frozen water of the lake brought the place into international limelight. Though, the existence of human skeletons remains an unsolved puzzle, the lake has gained popularity as an exclusive trekking destination. Among many trekking routes is the one starting from Mundoli (about 480 km. from Delhi) which boasts of beautiful waterfalls and vantage points on the way.

Savour the Company of Birds at BharatpurSavour the Company of Birds at Bharatpur
Designated as the world’s most fascinating birding area, the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary of Bharatpur, about 205 km. from Delhi, is certainly a bird-watchers’ paradise. Keep your cameras and binoculars ready, as you come across the beautiful species of herons, cormorants, egrets, warblers, hornbills, quails, storks, babblers, ducks and many other winged creatures. Guess what! You have options like horse-carts, bicycles and boats for this wonderful exploration.

Scale New Heights at Rohtang PassScale New Heights at Rohtang Pass
Donning the white carpet of snow round the year, Rohtang La in Himachal Pradesh (about 600 km. away) leaves no stone unturned to make its visitors absolutely thrilled. At the height of about 13,050 ft., you feel like having direct dialogue with the heavens. Snow-clad Himalayas, gushy rivers and playful activities make it a perfect adventure spot for all age groups. Its nearness to Manali, a popular honeymoon destination and also known for adventures like paragliding, adds another feather to the place’s hat.

Trek to the Valley of FlowersTrek to the Valley of Flowers
Visit the spectacular Valley of Flowers National Park and you will be surprised to discover that something of such magnificence exists on the planet. With the enchanting backdrops of clear blue sky and snow-capped peaks, the valleys hosts huge expanses of flowers in all possible shades and with aromas that are extremely overpowering. And you achieve this unbelievable treat after a thrilling trek of nearly 17 km. starting at Govindghat (about 500 km. from Delhi).
Let the adventure find new meanings and dimensions as you register your presence at these places and add unique chapters to your travel life.

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