Top Places For Trekking Near Bangalore

Living in Bangalore or visiting the city on a holiday trip ? Searching for places for trekking near Bangalore ? The nature around India’s Silicon Valley has some great plans to help you explore your adventure side and embark on an exciting and unforgettable trekking expedition. Just few miles away, easy to pack in a single-day schedule and aptly matching your trekking experience (from beginner to veteran), trekking Bangalore best places is like stealing from life some well-deserved moments of revival. The suggestions below should inspire your to-do list while holidaying in or around Bangalore.

Trekking Near Bangalore

(Some of the best places to explore for adventure lovers)

Savandurga (about 60 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Karigudda and Biliguda constitute one of Asia’s largest monolith hills called Savandurga. Rising amidst lavish greenery of Deccan Plateau, it rewards trekker with awe-inspiring atmosphere and rendezvous with historical fort ruins and few Hindu temples. Choose the properly-marked trails of Biliguda if you are an amateur and you would be suitably rewarded.Savandurga is certainly high on adventure quotation.Consequently, we have selected it as one of the top places for trekking near Bangalore.

Highlights: Wildlife spotting (leopard, sloth bear), birding (endangered species like yellow-throated bulbuls), butterflies (really spectacular), camping and water sports at the nearby Manchanabele Dam

How to Reach: Take a bus from Bangalore to Magadi and then continue either in a bus or auto. Permission required for Savandurga trek.

Bheemeshwari (about 102 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore : Bheemeshwari

The untamed journey of River Cauvery gives birth to enchanting spectacles like gorges and waterfalls in the laps of lush green jungles. Bheemeshwari is where you accept to traverse the amazing trekking terrains amidst thrilling wilderness. If you get the permission, it is the perfect venue to pursue night trekking, an experience that would keep you enthralled for the rest of your life.

Highlights: Scenic waterfalls, kayaking, rafting, zip lining, rope walking, bird-watching, coracle rides, mountain biking

How to Reach: Convenient bus connectivity with Bangalore

Anthargange (about 67 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Volcanic rock formations at the stupendous rocky hill range of Anthargange are enough to build the adrenaline rush. And as you begin to delve deeper, the mysterious natural caves with narrow passages and underground water seeping in through cracks seem to fulfill all your fantasies. No doubt Anthargange is among the must-visit places near Bangalore for trekking with all great adventure elements!

Highlights: Rappelling, rock climbing, caving, night camping and some temples with brilliant architecture.

How to Reach: Prefer to hire a cab or motorbike from Bangalore. You may also board a bus from the city to Kolar and then continue using local transport.

Ramdevara Betta (about 50 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

The shooting location of the iconic Bollywood movie ‘Sholay’, the hill is a part of the oldest granite outcrops in the world. As many as 6 other hills dominate the landscape, creating awe-inspiring adventure opportunities. After an exhilarating trek, get ready for the breathtaking views of green surroundings while the gentle breeze is ready to embrace your body.

Highlights: Spotting bears and endangered long-billed vultures and Egyptian vultures; rappelling, rock climbing, boating at Rangarayara Lake, silk production

How to Reach: Excellent bus service from Bangalore to Ramanagara from where you can hire an auto with ease.

Kabbal Durga (about 80 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Hosting a Chola Period temple dedicated to Goddess Kabbalamma at its summit, this rocky hill also hosts a durga (fort) and many abandoned structures that are great to explore. Rather than trekking during the day, prefer a night trek to enjoy the real essence of the place. Captivating views of agricultural fields from the top are simply beyond any description.

Highlights: Night trekking and camping, meditation at the nearby Pyramid Valley, quad biking, ATV riding, corporate outings

How to Reach: Buses ply from Bangalore to Kanakapura, from where you can board another bus or an auto to reach the base.

Mekedatu, Karighatta (about 125 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Imagine a walk along the roaring River Cauvery on a moonlit night. The thought is enough to inspire you for this extraordinary experience of trekking near Bangalore. You may also choose a daytime trek to get too close to the inviting riverbanks (beware of highly slippery cliffs). The sights and sounds create an overwhelming experience and you wishfully surrender to the magic. Don’t miss visiting the temple of Srirangapatna and the royal city Mysore located nearby.

Highlights: Sangam, the confluence of River Cauvery with River Arkavati, Mekedatu Fall (Goat’s Leap Fall), crocodile sightings

How to Reach: Public transport bus from Bangalore to Srirangapatna and local transport further.

Skandagiri (about 62 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Medieval rulers and devotees explored these trekking trails hundreds of years ago and left their imprints in the form of forts and temples. Skandagiri (or Kalavara Durga) is among the popular hills hosting similar historical treasures. While scaling the craggy slopes of this hill, you would be astonished to come across rare flower species. Plan a night camp and you would wake up to a gorgeous sunrise.

Highlights: One of the best night/moonlit trekking trips around Bangalore, ideal for photography

How to Reach: From Bangalore, you may board a bus to Chikkaballapur and then use local transport to reach the trek starting point.

Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta (about 78 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

If you choose this hill for trekking, you would be accompanies by flocks of pilgrims heading to the famous Lord Ranganatha Swamy Temple located atop. Occupying a unique spot under a huge granite rock, the temple offers outstanding peace while the views are absolutely mesmerizing. It is an easy trek and you would have a lot of time to soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

Highlights: Elephant spotting; you may also encounter other wild animals; heart-warming hill vegetation; night trek is also an option; bonfires under star-filled sky

How to Reach: Board bus from Bangalore to Kanakapura and get down at Harohalli. From here take a bus to Dodda Maralawadi and continue in an auto. For more comfort, hire a cab from Bangalore. Special permission required for the trek.

Kunti Betta (about 123 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Tracing its history to the time of Mahabharata, this picturesque hill gets its name from Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, and is located near the town of Pandavapura. Also named French Rock, it boasts of easy trek, though certain trekking skills are required at places. While the trekking route is intriguing, the remarkable views of greenery, lakes and landscapes from the top are truly distinguished.

Highlights: Don’t miss the night trek and camping opportunity; enjoy swimming, kayaking and other adventures at Thonnur Lake. Haohalli French Cemetery is another attraction.

How to Reach: Trains from Bangalore to Mysore stop at Pandavapura from where you may hire an auto. Bus service from Bangalore is limited.

Madhugiri (about 104 km.)

Trekking Near Bangalore

Literally, the name of this hill translates to ‘honey hill’ and was inspired by presence of huge honeybee colonies centuries ago. Acclaimed as Asia’s second largest monolith, it is among the top trekking locations around Bangalore. It is a treat to pass through multiple doorways of a medieval fort to reach the top. Gopalakrishna Temple is in ruins but still preserves charming architecture.

Highlights: Stunning views; a lot of attractions, including forts, natural springs, a blackbuck sanctuary, temples and monasteries, in the close proximity

How to Reach: Frequent buses operate from Bangalore to Madhugiri Town

Feeling spoilt for choices? Don’t be confused and choose any of these trekking trails and there’s guarantee of getting fortunate.




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