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Trekking In Ladakh India

Ladakh is blessed with a spectacular outbound beauty that ensures that trekking in Ladakh India will always be the epitome of fun, thrill, excitement and challenge. Whether you are a novice or an expert trekker, Ladakh beckons you with its temptation of treks that will suit all your needs to satiate your spirit of adventure. Trekking routes in Ladakh take you on a sojourn among its ancient civilisation, venerable monasteries, and colourful valleys along the river banks that are saturated in its Indo-Tibetian culture.

Trekking In Ladakh India

There are a plethora of undiscovered treks in Ladakh that not only offers its enchanting beauty but also a contrasting side of Ladakh. Some of the trekking in Ladakh India is not for faint-hearted and as the average elevation in the region of Ladakh is 3500 m and it requires extreme fitness and acclimatisation as it challenges you physically as well as mentally. Here are some action-packed trekking trails in Ladakh handpicked just for you.

  1. Heniskot to WanlaTrekking in Ladakh India

The outset of this trek lies in the Kargil district and is quite popular trekking trail in Ladakh as the trek concludes at Ladakh’s oldest monastery in Lamayuru nestled in the Zanskar Valley.It is certainly one among the must-try trekking in Ladakh India.

  • Highlight: It offers beautiful landscape, an old monastery, wildlife and high passes.
  • Start: Heniskot Village (3613 m) that lies 3 hours from Leh (160 km.) near Leh-Srinagar highway.
  • Route: Yogmala (4900 m), Niyigutse La (5100 m), Pirkiting La (3700 m), Lamayuru (3510 m)
  • Finish: Wanla Village
  • Highest Point: Nyigutse La (5000 m)
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Best Time: June – October
  • Grade: Moderate
  1. Hemis to TakhTrekking in Ladakh India

It is enumerated as one the famous trekking in Ladakh India, that is located in Markha Valley. This trek gratifies you with its remote and uninhabited region of Ladakh.

  • Highlight: If offers you a captivating view of snow-crowned mountains, olden monasteries, sleepy villages, scaling of one of the high mountain passes in Ladakh as well as crossing rivers.
  • Start Hemis (3591 m) which is 1 hour from Leh (50 km.).
  • Route: Shang Sumdo (3685 m), Chu Skurmo, Kongmaru La Base, Kongmaru La Pass (5150 m), Nimaling (4700 m), Langtang Chu (4750 m), Sorra (4950 m), Dat (4200 m), Lungmoche (4000 m), Lun (4100 m)
  • Finish: Jugtakh (4350 m)
  • Highest Point: Kongmaru La (5150 m)
  • Duration: 12 days (105 km.)
  • Best Time: July – September
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Additional Info: This trek offers you a sneak preview of Kangysatese (6400 m) peak.
  1. Parang LaTrekking in Ladakh India

We take you on a historic Ladakhi trade route in Spiti Valley which lies between Tibet and Ladakh that still in this modern era is counted as one of the prominent trekking in Ladakh India.

  • Highlight: It offers a challenging trek that will test your endurance while also mesmerizing you with its Himalayan landscape embedded with breath-taking lakes which are inhabited by rare species of cranes, geese, and ducks.
  • Start: Kaza (3800 m) which is 4 hours from Manali (200 km.)
  • Route: Kibber (4270 m), Dumla (4200 m), Thaltak (4600 m), Bongrojen (5000 m), Datang Yongma (4640 m) via crossing Parang La (5580 m), Rachalamo (4260 m), Chumik Shilde (4390 m), Kiangdam (4510 m)
  • Finish: Korzok (4570 m)
  • Highest Point: Parang La (5580 m)
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Best Time: July – September
  • Grade: Tough
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  1. Stok – KangriTrekking in Ladakh India

Trek to the highest peak of Stok region which is proven to be the challenging trekking trail of Ladakh that tests your endurance at every level as it requires you to do rappelling, river crossing, mountain hiking and trekking.

  • Highlight: It offers you a formidable trek along with its jaw-dropping elevation and wildlife sights of its native wolves and birds.
  • Start: Spituk (3307 m) which is only 15 minutes from Leh (7 km.) and it is the nearest road which has the access to Stok-Kangri.
  • Route: Zinchan (3900 m), Stok La (4400 m), Mankorma (4900 m), Base Camp (5000 m), Stok Kangri (6150 m), Base Camp (5000 m), Stok village (3500 m)
  • Finish: Stok Village (3500 m)
  • Highest Point: Stok Kangri Peak (6150 m)
  • Duration: 10 days (80 km.)
  • Best Time: July – September
  • Grade: Tough
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  1. Hemis National ParkTrekking in Ladakh India

Also renowned as Snow Leopard trek, this trek is conducted in the valleys of Markha and Rumbak that lies in the eastern part of Ladakh. It is one of the high altitude trekking routes in Ladakh that is also a protected area for conservation of unique flora and fauna.

  • Highlight: It offers scenic views of the Trans-Himalayan region with its lovely blend of Ladhaki culture and a unique opportunity to sightsee rare exotic species such as Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Yak, etc.
  • Start: Phey (3190 m) which is 20 minutes from Leh (13 km.)
  • Route: Trek along the Indus River towards Zingchen Gorge, Hoosing bagh, and take alternative routes to Tarboong Bao, Kharlung Lungpa and Urutse (4100 m) via Hoosing
  • Finish: Zinchen (3900 m)
  • Highest Point: Urutse (4100 m)
  • Duration: 10 days (80 km.)
  • Best Time: November – March
  • Grade: Tough
  1. Indus Valley
  2. Trekking in Ladakh India

This trekking trail in Ladakh tails the Indus River and Old Caravan route that outlines India’s pre-historic era.

  • Highlight: If offers an offbeat trek which skirts along the highest passes such Tanglang La while also encompasses with the lush meadow, exotic wildlife and olden
  • Start: Likir (3650 m) which is 1 hour 15 minutes from Leh (55 km.).
  • Route: Phobe La (3700 m), Charatse La (3800 m), Yangthang (3700 m), Tsemangchan La (3750 m), Lago La (3750 m), Hemis Shukpachan (3600 m)
  • Finish: Temisgang (3700 m)
  • Highest Point: Charatse La (3800 m)
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Best Time: June – September
  • Grade: Moderate
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  1. Sham Valley

trekking in ladakh india

Renowned as the Apricot Valley, this trekking trail in Ladakh could be enjoyable for beginners and it also promoted as family adventure tour in Ladakh.

  • Highlight: It is an abode for apricot flowers that blooms during winters. It enthrals trekkers with its shady willow, streams, barley fields and surrounding mountain passes.
  • Start: Likir (3650 m) which is 1 hour 15 minutes from Leh (55 km.).
  • Route: Phobe La (3580 m), Chagatse La (3630 m), Yangthang (3700 m), Tsermangchan La (3750 m), Hemis Shukpachan (3600 m), Mebtak La (3750 m), Ang Village
  • Finish: Nurla (3700 m)
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Best Time: May – October
  • Grade: Easy

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