Badrinath Yatra By Helicopter

In comparison to the arduous road journey of about 10-11 hours,  it is now possible to undertake Badrinath Yatra by Helicopter. The helicopter journey to Badrinath can be completed the same day in less than 6 hours only.  Apart from the spiritual experience, the helicopter service to Badrinath also enables the tourists to view the scenic Himalayan peaks from a height of almost 10,000 feet above sea level.

This blog shares with you all the information relating to how to reach Badrinath by helicopter.

Helipad at Badrinath


Helicopter Service To Badrinath

Helicopter service to Badrinath operates from the helipad at Sahastradhara, Dehradun in the Uttarakhand state of India. The helipad is a gateway to the skies of Uttarakhand as it links the state capital to most of the helipads in the state. The helipad at Sahastradhara has ample space and was the main launchpad for the rescue operations during the natural calamity that struck Kedarnath & other places in June of 2013.

Unlike the scheduled flights ( like Go Air, Indigo, Air India, etc. ) which take off at a specific time each day, the helicopter flights to Badrinath or other temples of Uttarakhand are operated as non-scheduled flights in which the exact time of take-off is not pre-determined and is only known one day in advance to the flight date. This is because of the reason that these Badrinath helicopter flights are dependable on several factors such as weather conditions, Defence permissions, flying permissions from the Government. 

Generally, the traveler is required to reach Dehradun one day in advance to their flight date. In the evening, they are given a briefing about the next day’s flight schedule, along with the expected time of departure. 

It is important to note that the time given for Badrinath Helicopter flight is only expected time and may differ from the actual time of departure which in turn depends on weather and other conditions shared as above.

Passengers at Sahastradhara Helipad before flying to Badrinath by Helicopter

Recent pictures of travelers who went to Badrinath by Helicopter through

Once the travelers reach the Helipad, they are taken to the helicopter where safety instructions are shared with them. Thereafter, they board the helicopter, ready to go on a pilgrimage of a lifetime to Badrinath, one of the four Dham designated by Adi Shankaracharya.

Badrinath Helicopter Service

Once the passengers have boarded the helicopter, the captain of the helicopter sets the rotors on, and within a few minutes, the helicopter soars above from the ground leading to a panoramic view of the helipad at Sahastradhara in Dehradun.


Dehradun to Badrinath Helicopter service

Unlike a few minutes helicopter sortie of Phata to Kedarnath by helicopter or Katra to Vaishnodevi Yatra by Helicopter, when you do Badrinath Yatra by Helicopter booking, you are booking this helicopter Yatra for a journey of about 50 minutes to 1 hour each way.

Thus, it takes about one hour to fly from Dehradun to Badrinath by Helicopter and similarly, it takes about one hour to fly from Badrinath to Dehradun by Helicopter.

One must note that at present Badrinath helicopter package is available only from Dehradun and there is no service for Haridwar to Badrinath by helicopter. One may book packages from New Delhi to Badrinath by Helicopter, but it does not make much sense as the two cities are anyway connected by train, flights, and road and there is no sense spending about 1.5 lac extra for this journey from Delhi.

View of Tehri Dam from Helicopter

In about 10 minutes after taking off from the Sahastradhara helipad, the travelers get the first visual treat down below in the form of Tehri Dam’s aerial view. The emerald green water of the Tehri Dam makes the passengers mesmerized as they have never experienced anything of this sort earlier. On the horizon, travelers get their first glimpse of the snow-clad peaks also.

Travelers get amazed by the scenic beauty of the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

After flying for about 40 minutes at an altitude of about 10,500 feet above mean sea level, another visual delight is the lofty snow-capped mountains of the higher ranges of Himalayas.

Badrinath Yatra By Helicopter

 In the picture above one can see the snow-capped mountains in the background with lush green slopes of Auli on the top and Joshimath in the lower reaches.

After another 10 minutes of flying the first sight is that of Badrinath Helipad on the right-hand side. The helicopter flies a little further towards the Badrinath Temple to get the pilgrims the first glimpse of the Badrinath Temple’s aerial view.

View of Badrinath Temple from Helicopter

Thereafter the pilot lowers down the helicopter and the travelers get down at the Badrinath Helipad.

As a part of the Badrinath Helicopter Package, a car awaits to the take travelers near to the Temple.

The car actually takes the travelers very near to the Temple, i.e. about 80 meters short of the Temple. This service is especially useful for infirm travelers who cannot walk much.

After this, the travelers go for the VIP Darshan at the Badrinath Temple. The travelers are not required to stand in the long queues as they are taken inside the temple through a side entrance. 

Upon reaching inside the temple, the travelers are taken near to the Garbhagriha (गर्भगृह )  where the idols of Lord Badrinath, Lord Kuber,  Lord Uddhav, Lord Garuda, Nar, and Narayan are there. Dharmadhikari of the priest sitting outside makes the travelers aware of the different idols. After offering prayers, the travelers are escorted out of the temple.

The VIP Darshan is included in the Badrinath Helicopter flight cost.

Way to Badrinath Temple

After the Darshan at the Badrinath Temple, pilgrims reach back the point where the car had left them to board the car again for reaching back to the helipad.

Before this, the pilgrims may purchase some souvenirs from the shops that are lined up on the way to Temple. Pilgrims board the car and reach the helipad to take their flight back to Dehradun from Badrinath.

This way the journey which otherwise would have taken about 10-11 hours is completed in just about 5-6 hours.

After takeoff from Badrinath helipad, the travelers reach back the Sahastradhara helipad by about 15:30 am. (Assuming that they have been able to start their journey by 10:30 am in the morning.) organizes Badrinath Yatra by helicopter which can be booked by calling on +918527255991 or by writing a mail on


About Badrinath

Among the four Dhams of India located in four cardinal directions, Shri Badrinath Dham is located in the Northern State of Uttarakhand in the Chamoli district of the state.

While it takes close to 11 hours to drive from Haridwar to Badrinath, Badrinath Helicopter service reduces this time to just about one hour each way.

Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package By Helicopter

Badrinath Kedarnath yatra by helicopter fare

One can also book Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package by Helicopter. This package takes the Yatris to both the Dhams – Badrinath & Kedarnath by helicopter in one day.

The package includes the cost of helicopter charter, cost of shuttle tickets from Phata to Kedarnath and back, cost of Priority Darshan slip at Kedarnath, Cost of Vehicle from Badrinath helipad to Badrinath temple and back, VIP Darshan at Badrinath.

As of now the fare for Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package by Helicopter (also called Do Dham Yatra by helicopter or Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter) is INR 4,50,000 for up to 6 passengers traveling together with the total weight of passengers not exceeding 450 kgs.

As of now the fare for Badrinath Yatra by helicopter is INR 3,50,000 for up to 6 passengers traveling together with the total weight of passengers not exceeding 450 kgs. also arranges the Badrinath Helicopter Services on a per person basis. At present the per person charges (for passengers up to 70 kgs of weight) are INR 65,000. also arranges the Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter(also called Do Dham Yatra by helicopter or Badri Kedar Yatra by Helicopter) on a per-person basis. At present the per person charges (for passengers up to 80 kgs of weight) are INR 85,000. To know more about this kindly call +91 8527255991/95.

If you wish to know about Chardham Yatra of Uttarakhand, you may call us on 8882224422.

Chardham Yatra by helicopter price

As of now the fare for Chardham Yatra by helicopter is INR 1,60,000 per person. This cost includes the cost of a 01-night stay at Dehradun, 01 night stay at Kharsali, a 01-night stay at Guptkashi and 01 Night stay at Badrinath at the best available accommodation. This cost also includes VIP Darshan at all the temples. Note that this tour also includes Maha Abhishek Aarti at Badrinath Temple, the only time when one can see the Saligrama idol of Lord Badrinath.To book your seat online, you may visit the link

Important Information Regarding Badrinath Helicopter Service

  • Badrinath Yatra by helicopter is done through Bell 407 or Eurocopter single-engine helicopters.
  • The total weight of passengers must not exceed 450 Kgs.
  • Each passenger must not take more than one small handbag which must not exceed 5 Kgs.
  • A sudden drop in temperature is felt upon reaching Badrinath, thus, the pilgrims must take along warm clothing with them.
  • Sudden changes in the weather conditions may lead to total or partial cancellations of flights. In such cases, pilgrims might be forced to complete the pilgrimage by road. Pilgrims are advised to understand the cancellation policy before booking the charter for Badrinath.
  • Special Puja can be arranged at extra cost for the Pilgrims on advance request.
  • Kindly note that Helicopter Yatra to Badrinath gets affected due to weather conditions such as heavy rains between July and mid-September.Thus, pilgrims should plan their travel either by mid-June or between 15th September to 15th October.

Badrinath By Helicopter 2020 has now started taking per person bookings for Badrinath Yatra by helicopter for the year 2020. For more details call us on +918527255991 or write to us on

Latest Update On Badrinath & Kedarnath Yatra 2020 :

Please note that owing to the COVID situation, Yatris are required to either get a COVID test done at least 72 hours before entering Uttarakhand or undergo a 14 days quarantine after entering Uttarakhand before they are allowed to proceed for Yatra.


Latest News On Chardham Yatra

Latest News About Chardham Yatra

Uttarakhand State Tourism Minister has informed that the number of Purohits(priests) in the Chardham Devsthanams Board will increase from 3 to 5.

For those who may not be aware, the Government of Uttarakhand had enacted the Chardham Devsthanams Act last year to create Chardham Board. This board has now taken over the Char Dham Temples with 51 other temples in the state for better upkeep of these temples.

(image source : Amar Ujala)

Latest Weather Conditions In Badrinath & Weather Forecast for Badrinath

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Badrinath Helicopter Service

Where does the helicopter service to Badrinath start from?

Helicopter service to Badrinath starts from Dehradun Helipad which is located at Sahastradhara in Dehradun.

How can I go to Badrinath by Flight?

To go to Badrinath by flight, one has to reach Dehradun in Uttarakhand state of India by flight or train.One has to reach Dehradun one day in advance to the actual travel date. The helipad is located in Sahastradhara which is near to Rajpur Road in Dehradun.

Can I book helicopter service to Badrinath on the spot?

No, this service is available on charter basis only. Hence, you should do Badrinath helicopter booking well in advance.

Can Badrinath helicopter cost be shared with other passengers?

Yes, if you book well in advance, you can share the cost with other passengers based on the total weight of all the passengers.

Is it possible to book Badrinath to Kedarnath Helicopter?

Yes, it is possible to book Badrinath to Kedarnath Helicopter. However, this is not a regular service and can only be booked on charter basis.

Is it safe to fly to Badrinath by helicopter from Dehradun?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to undertake Dehradun to Badrinath helicopter service as these helicopters are completely air worthy and are flown by very experienced pilots.

Can I take my luggage on helicopter while flying from Dehradun to Badrinath in helicopter?

Since the luggage goes into the tail of helicopter which has limited space and also since there are restrictions on the weight that helicopters can safely fly with, you can take small hand bags of maximum 5 kg per person only on your flight from Dehradun to Badrinath by helicopter.

How much time would I get at Badrinath and Kedarnath for Darshan if I book Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra by helicopter from Dehradun?

You would get roughly about 1-2 hours time for Darshan at Badrinath and Kedarnath each.
Generally, your Badrinath Kedarnath tour package by helicopter includes Priority darshan slip for Darshan at Kedarnath and VIP darshan at Badrinath, so that you are not required to stand in long queues.

How much distance would I need to walk from Kedarnath helipad to Kedarnath temple if I book Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra by helicopter?

Kedarnath temple is located about 500 meters from the Kedarnath temple. The walk is a bit inclined and owing to high altitude, one has to walk slowly. There are porters with baskets on their back and can be hired for those who have difficulty in walking.In contrast to this, a vehicle drives you from Badrinath helipad to about 200 meters from Badrinath temple from where an escort takes you to the temple for VIP Darshan.

What happens to my booking amount if due to bad weather or technical issues I am not able to complete my Yatra?

If due to bad weather or technical issues, you are not able to fly at all, 100% of the amount paid by you gets refunded. If you have flown and done only a certain part of the journey and the rest of the journey could not be completed owing to bad weather or technical issues, you are charges on pro-rata basis and balance amount is refunded.

If due to bad weather or technical issues we are not able to fly on the date of journey, are we provided a helicopter the next day for our journey?

While we do not guarantee that in such a case we would be providing you helicopter the next day(but guarantee 100% refund if we are not able to fly you). However, having said that, it is always our endeavour to ensure that the pilgrims who have come that far are able to fly and have their Darshan.

Is it possible to do only one way journey from Dehradun to Badrinath by helicopter or from Badrinath to Dehradun by helicopter?

Yes, it is certainly possible to do only one way journey, however, the charges remain the same as the service is on charter basis only.

Is it possible to stay overnight at Badrinath and fly back on the next day?

Yes, it is possible to stay overnight at Badrinath and fly from Badrinath to Dehradun the next day. However, please note that in such a case it amounts to two separate helicopter charters for which the cost shall be double.In fact, you can also plan your journey where we would drop you at Badrinath on a specific day and you can stay there for a couple of days and we would come back to pick you on the day of your choice.

Are there any other places to visit in Badrinath or near Badrinath?

Yes, there are several places to visit in or near Badrinath.
You can visit Mana Village which is the last Indian village towards the Indo-China Border. Mana Village has several mythological points such as Vyas Gufa, Ganesh Gufa, Sarasvati River Point and Bhim Pul. Other than this, one can also perform the Pitru Tarpan at Brahmkapal on the banks of river Alaknanda(Waytoindia arranges the same on extra cost basis for the Badrinath by helicopter guests who go for overnight stay package.

What are the opening dates for Badrinath Temple in 2020?

Badrinath Temple is expected to open in 2020 between 27th April 2020 and 29th April 2020. The exact would be available once the Shri Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee declares the opening date.

I wish to do Pitru Tarpan at Badrinath. Is it possible to do this?

Yes, Pitru Tarpan is possible at Brahmkapal in Badrinath.You may call us on 8527255991 to know more about this.

Who built Badrinath Temple? 

While there are no historical records about the exact origin of the temple, as per some accounts, the temple was a Buddhist Vihara till 8th Century and later Adi Shankaracharya converted it into a Hindu Temple. The temple had gone through renovation and was expanded by Kings of Garhwal.

Is Badrinath open in October?

The opening and closing dates of Badrinath Temple are disclosed by the Temple committee year year and the temple remains open during most of the month of October. However, the exact closing date of Badrinath Temple varies each year and extends sometimes to the month of November as well.

How far is Badrinath from Dehradun?

The distance between Dehradun and Badrinath is about 338 Kms.

Is it safe to travel to Badrinath?

It is absolutely safe to travel to Badrinath, however, during the monsoon months of July and August, sometimes there are landslides on the route which creates some difficulties for the pilgrims .

Who is the God of Badrinath?

The presiding deity of Badrinath shrine is Lord Vishnu.

Which is the most famous festival of Badrinath?

Mata Murti Ka Mela is the most prominent festival of Badrinath that is celebrated to commemorate the descent of River Ganges on Mother Earth.

Why does Badrinath Temple remain open for only 6 months for tourists?

Badrinath Temple is located in high altitude area of Himalayas. The town becomes snowbound mid November onwards and remains under a thick cover of snow upto second week of April. Mythologically, it is believed that these six months, when the temple is closed, the Pooja in the temple is done by Devas or Demigods. This is the reason that the temple remains open for only 6 months for the tourists.

How is the Mobile Internet Connectivity in Badrinath?

Internet connectivity is not up to mark in Badrinath. While the mobile internet works for the JIO mobile network, the speed is not satisfactory. Mobile internet connectivity for other service providers such as Airtel or Vodaphone is really bad and lacking.

Can we go Badrinath in December?

Badrinath remains completely snowbound during the month of December. Even the residents of Mana village close their houses and come down to Govindghat or Joshimath. While it is not impossible to go to Badrinath in December, it is not easy to reach Badrinath in December owing to heavy snowfall.

Are there any Jain Temples also in Badrinath?

Yes, there are two Jain Temples in Badrinath. The first one is Ashtapad Jain Temple located on the located at Narayan Palace Road in Badrinath and the second is Aadinath Digamber Jain Mandir in Badrinath.

What is Vishnu Charan Paduka at Badrinath?

Charan Paduka at Badrinath which is popularly also known as Vishnu Charan Paduka is a sacred rock which is believed to have foot impressions of Lord Vishnu. It is located at a 2.5 km climb towards Neelkanth.

Is photography allowed inside Badrinath Temple?

It is not allowed to take pictures of Badrinath Idol inside the main Garbagriha or main sanctum Santorum of temple.

Is there any Helicopter service available between Dehradun and Auli ?

No, at present there is no daily helicopter service between Dehradun and Auli. However, upon request a chartered helicopter can be arranged for flight between Dehradun and Joshimath and from Joshimath the tourists can be dropped by road at Auli.

What are the new opening dates for Badrinath Temple u0026 Kedarnath Temple for year 2020?

Due to the prevailing lockdown conditions owing to Covid19, Government of Uttarakhand has changed the opening dates of Badrinath Temple to 15th May 2020 and that of Kedarnath Temple to 14th May 2020.

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