Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter


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Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

Kedarnath yatra by helicopter offers an opportunity to fly over the lofty Himalayan peaks. Plan your journey by helicopter to Shri Kedarnath to enjoy this lifetime pilgrimage.

Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

Kedarnath Helicopter Yatra: by ticket or by chartered flight?

Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

Latest Picture Of New Helipad At Kedarnath (©

Before we go any further, it is important to dispel doubts and confusions that pilgrims generally have about Kedarnath helicopter service.

In fact, two different helicopter services for Kedarnath exist. The differences between these two are in terms of both price of service as well as the place from where service is available.

Broadly speaking, we can differentiate these two helicopter services to Kedarnath as below:

  • Dehradun to Kedarnath Helicopter Service. : This service is available from Dehradun on a charter basis. The total cost of this service is around 2.65 lac for 4-5 persons (depending upon body weight) traveling together in a helicopter. This option does not require pilgrims to travel 200 Km by road to Phata or Guptkashi. This distance is covered by pilgrims by helicopter in about 40 minutes.
  • Phata to Kedarnath Helicopter: This service is also called a shuttle service and is available on per person ticket basis. The price of the ticket is about INR 9200 now.depending on the season and location). For this service, the pilgrims undertake a journey by road for about 200 Km ahead of Haridwar up to Phata. Other places near to Phata from where this service operates are Guptkashi and Sersi.

We would take up each of these services separately.

Dehradun To Kedarnath Helicopter ServiceBadrinath and Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

A recent picture of Mr. Mallikarjun & his friends who traveled to Kedarnath by Helicopter through

Where does the charter helicopter service for Kedarnath operate from?

Dehradun to Kedarnath helicopter service operates from Sahastradhara helipad in Dehradun. The Helipad is located at a distance of about 2.5 Km from Sai Temple on Rajpur Road, Dehradun.


Is it possible to buy tickets for Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Dehradun Helipad?

Please note that you have to pre-book the seats in Kedarnath Helicopter service from to take per person bookings for Kedarnath and Badrinath from Dehradun which is in the form of advance bookings only (to know more about this call the aviation team of on 8527255991 ).

What are the timings of helicopter flights for Kedarnath?

Pilgrims who intend to undertake Kedarnath yatra by helicopter have to report at Sahastradhara helipad at 6:30 am in the morning. (Please note that actual flying time may differ from expected flying time. This may be due to the regulatory issues.)

Once travelers report at Dehradun helipad, the passenger manifest is filled and passengers are briefed about the safety instructions. This takes about 25-30 minutes. After this, the passenger board the helicopter and the pilot sets on the rotors of the helicopter. By about 07:15 am the helicopter becomes airborne.

For someone, who is flying for the first time in a helicopter, as the rotors gain speed, the excitement increases manifold and before the person can understand much, the helicopter soars up in the sky.


Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

Important Instruction About Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter From Dehradun

It is important to understand that while the expected time of departure is provided to the pilgrims, the actual time of departure may differ significantly. This may be due to regulatory clearances and weather conditions prevailing at Dehradun or Kedarnath. The discretion of the pilot in this respect shall be final and binding.


The Flight Experience On Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

As the helicopter soars in the sky, the first spectacular view which you would have on the right side is the view of the hill station of Mussoorie.


Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

Within no time the helicopter will attain a height of about 10,000 ft above mean sea level and you would get awestruck by the natural beauty that you would see all around. The huge mountains and the mighty clouds appear tiny toy models to play with.


Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter

After flying for about 25 minutes, the next beautiful sight is that of the Tehri Dam with its emerald green water. After flying further for about 8 minutes, you will get your first glimpse of the snow-clad peaks on the horizon.

Kedarnath yatra by helicopter

The above picture shows the Kedar Dome beneath which is the pious temple of Shri Kedarnath Ji. A little further from here you would be able to see the helipads of Guptkashi and Phata. The chartered flights to Kedarnath have to land at one of these helipads as the journey beyond up to Shri Kedarnath shrine is completed through a helicopter which is commonly known as a shuttle service.(Thus, you would be required to change your helicopter at Phata or Guptkashi.)


Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter


The shuttle service operates from the helipads in Guptkashi, Phata, and Sersi from where it would take you to Shri Kedarnath Shrine on a flight with a duration of about 8 minutes. Once the helicopter lands at the helipad in Guptkashi or Phata, a boarding pass shall be provided to you for the shuttle service to Kedarnath Shrine.


Kedarnath Helicopter

Helipad at Guptkashi from where shuttle services operate(©

In the picture above one can see the helipad at Guptkashi with the backdrop of Kedarnath & Chaukhamba mountains with snow on the tops. After a brief halt at the helipad at Guptkashi or Phata, you will board the shuttle helicopter for your further journey up to Shri Kedarnath Shrine.

The shuttle service shall take you through the Mandakini valley which is famous for being filled with clouds and incessant rains that usually disrupt the helicopter flights between Guptkashi or Phata to Kedarnath.

What is the best time to undertake Kedarnath yatra by helicopter?

While the Kedarnath helicopter service starts with the opening of Kedarnath Temple, we would like you to note that the best time to undertake Kedarnath yatra by helicopter is:

  • From the opening date of Kedarnath Temple to about 10th June (as per the past year experience, the period after 10th June each year is marked by heavy rains which lead to disruption of helicopter shuttle services between Phata and Guptkashi).
  • From 15th September to the closing date of Kedarnath Temple. (This is actually the best season to visit Shri Kedarnath by Helicopter. This is because on the one hand the weather is very good with almost no disruptions and on the other hand there are very few pilgrims and thus you can have very good darshan at the Temple.

(Please note that weather is most unpredictable in this area and thus no predictions can be made about the weather. The advisory above is on the basis of past year experiences only.)

Kedarnath by helicopter

The above picture of Kedar valley was taken during the last week of October when it is generally bright sunshine with very less or no showers disrupting the flights to Kedarnath from Phata or Guptkashi.(©

Experience Continues…

With the first glimpse of Shri Kedarnath Temple with the backdrop of the snow-clad peaks of Kedarnath ranges, you would approach the helipad of Kedarnath.


Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

View of the newly renovated helipad at Kedarnath from Helicopter approaching the helipad (©

Upon arrival, the helipad staff would assist you to get down from the helicopter and you would move towards the holy shrine of Shri Kedarnath Ji. On the way, you can stopover at makeshift shops and buy Prasadam for offering to Lord Kedarnath.

A word of caution

Note that when you fly from Dehradun to Kedarnath, you are flying to a high altitude area within a time span of about 50 minutes. This means that your body has not been able to acclimatize to the high altitude area. In such a situation, we suggest that you must not walk too fast as there is a bit of paucity of Oxygen as well. (Please note that this word of caution applies more to those who have any pulmonary disorders, as, for normal persons, it would not be very difficult to adjust to the climate.)


Helicopter service to kedarnath

Once you reach Shri Kedarnath Shrine, you will get about  1½ hours to 2 hours time to visit the temple. After having darshan at the temple, you would fly back to Guptkashi or Phata where your chartered helicopter would be waiting to fly you back to Dehradun.

If time permits and you are able to have Darshan at the temple quickly, you can also visit the Bhairon Ghaati which overlooks the Kedarnath town. However, please note that the climb to Bahiraon Ghati is quite steep.


Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

A recent picture of Kedarnath Temple taken on 24th October 2016 (©

In the case of fair weather conditions, in case you have been able to take off from Dehradun by 07:00 am, you would reach back Dehradun by about 12:30 pm to 13:00 pm.

Cost of Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter from Dehradun

Coming to the cost of helicopter service to Kedarnath from Dehradun, operates daily chartered flights from Dehradun to Shri Kedarnath, Shri Badrinath, Do Dham Yatra(Badrinath and Kedarnath by helicopter), and Chardham Yatra by Helicopter.

Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Dehradun costs INR 2.65 lac for up to 4 persons with body weight not exceeding 330 Kgs(Cost subject to change) also takes the booking of Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Dehradun on per person basis for which the cost is INR 68,750/- per person(subject to change).

For booking your Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter you may write to the aviation team of on or call on 8527255991.

Kedarnath Helicopter Booking

Phata to Kedarnath Helicopter Online Booking

In case the cost for Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Dehradun seems too exorbitant to you, you need not worry. There is another service which is much cheaper and yet very useful. This service is Kedarnath Helicopter Service from Phata / Guptkashi / Sersi.

As shared earlier, unlike the Kedarnath Helicopter tour from Dehradun, which is on a chartered basis and involves a flight of about 45-50 minutes from Dehradun, there is another helicopter service that operates from Phata/ Guptkashi / Sersi. This service is much less costly and still helps the pilgrims to reach Shri Kedarnath Shrine without undertaking the difficult mountain trekking from Gaurikund to Kedarnath.

How to reach Phata / Guptkashi / Sersi ?

For reaching these scenic hamlets of Guptkashi, Phata, or Sersi which are dotted with helipads, you have to drive about 200 km ahead of Rishikesh, a journey that takes about 7-8 hours.If you choose to undertake this Yatra by road up to Phata or Guptkashi, you would be driving taking the following route :

Distance, Time Taken, and Route for reaching Rishikesh to Phata / Guptkashi / Sersi
  • Rishikesh to Devprayag (75 Kms / 3 Hrs approx.)

(Travel Tip: Devprayag is the first among the Panch Prayag, where there is a confluence of Bhagirathi flowing from Gangotri and Alaknanda flowing from Badrinath)

  • Devprayag to Srinagar (40 Kms / 1.25 Hrs approx.)
  • Srinagar to Rudraprayag (34 Kms / 1 Hr approx.)

(Travel Tip: Rudraprayag is second among the Panch Prayag, and the place where there is a confluence of Mandakini flowing from Kedarnath and Alaknanda flowing from Badrinath)

  • Rudraprayag to Guptkashi(48 Kms / 1.5 Hrs approx.)
  • Guptkashi to Phata (15 Kms / 30 minutes approx.)
  • Phata to Sersi (9 Kms / 15 Minutes approx.)

Once the pilgrims reach Guptkashi or Phata or Sersi as the case may be, they have to stay overnight and have to report early morning (next day) at about 6 am at the designated helipad from where Kedarnath Helicopter service is operational.

Which are the best places to stay near Phata?

Photo is a small village and we suggest in case you wish to go from Phata to Kedarnath, you should book your accommodation/ hotel at Guptkashi. Following are some of the hotels which you may book for the same :

Luxury Accommodation For Kedarnath Yatra: (Tariff between INR 4000-6000 approx. per room per night)
  • Himalayan Comfort Resort, Narainkoti, Guptkashi, Uttarakhand 246471, Phone: 097581 97325.
  • Kailash Residency, Narainkoti, Guptkashi, Uttarakhand 246471, Phone: 09310448893.
Deluxe Accommodation for Kedarnath Yatra: (Tariff between INR 3500-5000 approx. per room per night)
  • Camp Nirvana Guptkashi, Jakhdhar Road, Rudrapur, District Rudraprayag, Guptkashi, Uttarakhand 246439, Phone: 098993 77998.
  • Villa Aadya, Village Khumera Bhyungad, Kedarnath Highway, Guptkashi, Distt Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand.Phone : 07060424538 / 08859219332
Standard / Budget Accommodation For Kedarnath Yatra : (Tariff between INR 1000- 3000)
  • Rajhans Tourist Lodge, National Highway 109, Guptkashi, Uttarakhand 246471.Phone: 01364 287 429.
  • Aarti Guest House: Guptakashi Kedarnath Road, Guptakashi, Uttarakhand 246439, Phone: 094111 55983.

(Please note that the above information about hotels has been provided to help the pilgrims and we do not endorse any of these hotels regarding the quality of services that they provide. Please satisfy yourself about the quality of the services provided by these hotels before booking.)

Kedarnath Helicopter Service Online Booking / Helicopter Tickets For Kedarnath


Online Booking for Phata To Kedarnath Helicopter

Starting from the month of February, every year the advance booking of Kedarnath helicopter services starts and Kedarnath helicopter tickets can be booked online on the website Triptochardham has been a pioneer in online ticketing of helicopter tickets for Kedarnath and is a website promoted by Comfort Connections Pvt Ltd, a company that is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Thus, bookings made through this website are 100% safe and secured.

The cost of tickets as shared earlier ranges between INR 6500 to INR 8000 depending upon the months in which the pilgrims wish to travel.

Please note that there is no similar service on a ticket basis for Badrinath.


Latest Update : Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter 2021 is providing tour service to Kedarnath Dham from Delhi on per seat basis. The tour cost is INR 15,800 + 5% GST. This cost includes to and fro travel to Shri Kedarnath Dham from Delhi, Stay in decent resort at Sitapur with all meals and return helicopter tickets for Sitapur – Shri Kedarnath – Sitapur.

The tour is being operated keeping in mind the restrictions of Covid-19 and is being operated with Innova Crysta cars with only 5 persons in each car.

For bookings and more details, please call 8527255991 or 8527255995.


Important Information Regarding Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

  • Kedarnath Yatra by helicopter is done through Bell 407 or Eurocopter AS 350 B3 helicopters. These helicopters are single-engine helicopters that are allowed by the Civil Aviation Ministry to fly in these high altitude areas.
  • All the helicopters used by are duly cleared by the Civil Aviation Department as airworthy and are completely safe to fly with.
  • For Charter flights from Dehradun to Kedarnath, the total body weight of passengers must not exceed 330 Kgs.
  • Each passenger must not take more than one small handbag which must not exceed 5 Kgs.
  • A sudden drop in temperature is felt upon reaching Shri Kedarnath Shrine, thus, the pilgrims must take appropriate warm clothing with them.
  • Sudden changes in the weather conditions are quite frequent in Mandakini valley which may lead to total or partial cancellations of flights. In such cases, you might be left with no option but to stay overnight at Guptkashi or Phata at their own cost.
  • Special Pujas can be arranged at extra cost for you on advance request and extra payment.
  • If you plan to undertake Kedarnath yatra by helicopter from Dehradun, you must reach one day in advance at Dehradun. You may book your stay at either Four Points by Sheraton or Lemon Tree Hotel as both these hotels are nearest to the helipad and it would be easier to reach the helipad early in the morning.

Other Important Resources For Planning Kedarnath Yatra By Helicopter

For those who are planning to visit Shri Kedarnath Shrine, you can visit the official website of Shri Badrinath and Shri Kedarnath Temple Committee on the link from where all important information regarding the timings and rates of Puja etc can be downloaded.


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