Sapta Puri Tour – Journey To Seven Spiritual Cities Of India

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Are you looking forward to an amazing spiritual journey in India? Visit Sapta Puri. This tour takes you through the divine magnetism of India’s seven holy cities, namely, Ayodhya, Mathura, Dwarka, Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, and Ujjain.

Sapta Puri – A Journey through Amazing Spiritual Ensemble

 ||अयोध्या मथुरा माया कासी काञ्ची अवन्तिका||

||पुरी द्वारवती चैव सप्तैत मोक्सदयिकः||

 ||Ayodhya Mathura Maya Kasi Kanchi Avantika

Puri Dvaravati chaiva saptaita moksadayikah||

Sapta Puri covers seven pilgrimage sites having a rich history and spiritual powers. According to Holy Scriptures, God has descended these cities in different incarnations.

A common belief is that if one visits all the seven pilgrimage centers, one will attain salvation of Moksha.

WaytoIndia presents a comprehensive guide to Sapta Puri that will make your journey unforgettable and worthy.

  1. AyodhyaSapta Puri - Ayodhya

Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama and is one of the holiest pilgrimages in India. It is situated on the banks of Sarayu River in Uttar Pradesh.

The city highlights rich history and cultural heritage that dates back to thousands of years. It is one among the Sapta Puri sites.

  • Places to Visit in Ayodhya – The city has more than hundred Hindu temples.
    • The most popular Temples are Kala Ram Temple, Kanak Bhavan, Hanuman Garhi and Kshireshwaranath Temple.
    • Ayodhya has several Kunds, or wells, built in honour of important characters of Hindu epic Ramayana.Vashistha Kund is the most popular of all.
    • Swaragdwar, or Rama Ghat, and Lakshman Ghat are other important places to visit on Sapta Puri Tour.
  • Hotels in Ayodhya – Few of the most popular hotels in Ayodhya are:
    • AP House Hotel (Rs. 1680/- onwards per night)
    • Kohinoor Palace (Rs. 2000/- onwards per night)
    • Hotel Ramprastha (Rs. 1100/- onwards per night).
  • Things to do in Ayodhya – Besides visiting the popular temples and Kunds, you can also be a part of famous Ram Lila (September – October) and Ram Navami Fair (April).
  1. MathuraSapta Puri - Mathura

Mathura, the second among the Sapta Puri sites,  is located on the banks of River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh. It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and is one of the ancient pilgrimages in India.

  • Places to Visit in Mathura – Mathura is all about temples.
    • One of the most famous places of worship is Keshav Dev Temple, which was built 5000 years ago.
    • Other places to visit are Krishna Balaram Temple, Rangabhumi, and the Vishramghat.
  • Hotels in Mathura – There are many hotels in Mathura with a varied price range and accommodation facilities. Top places to stay in Mathura are:
    • Hare Krishna Orchid (Rs.3099/- onwards)
    • Hotel Basera Brij Bhumi (Rs. 2499/- onwards)
    • Hotel Spiti (Rs. 1599/- onwards)
    • OYO 7885 Hotel Myraa (Rs. 2213/- onwards).
  • Things to do in Mathura
    • Visit the marble-structured Gita Temple on your way to Vrindavan. It has the entire Bhagavad Gita imprinted on a red pillar.
    • If you visit Mathura in September, indulge in the festivity of Janmashtami.
    • The Archaeological Museum and Vrindavan’s famous Prem Mandir are also worth visiting. organises Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour from Delhi for its valued guests. You may write to us on to book this tour.

  1. DwarkaSapta Puri - Dwarkadheesh

Sapta Puri Tour also covers Dwarka, one of the seven holy cities in India. It is located on the banks of Gomti River in Gujarat. The pilgrimage site holds importance as Lord Krishna lived a major part of his life there.

  • Places to Visit in Dwarka
    • The Dwarakadheesh Temple, or the Jagat Mandir, is the oldest temple in the city and worth visiting.
    • There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna’s consort. Rukmini.
    • You must also visit Nageshwar Jyotirling which is on the way to Bet Dwarka.
    • On the route to Bet Dwarka, also visit Gopi Talav.
  • Hotels in Dwarka – The most popular hotels in Dwarka are:
    • VITS Devbhumi Hotel (Rs. 2973/- onwards)
    • The Heaven (Rs. 1115/- onwards)
    • Regenta Inn (Rs. 2716/- onwards)
    • Hotel City Palace (Rs. 999/- onwards).
  • Things to do in Dwarka
    • Take a lazy stroll along the sun-kissed Dwarka Beach with the famous Dwarakadheesh Temple looking upon.
    • You can also be a part of Janmashtami festival celebrated in the month of August/September. Relax along Dwarka Lighthouse or visit the Gomti Ghat.

Book your Dwarka Somnath Tour with us and visit one of the Char Dham of India along with two Jyotirlingas.

  1. Haridwarsapta puri - Haridwar

It is the holiest pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand and the “gateway to Lord Vishnu.” The city beholds rich history and spiritual aura that makes it a must-visit on Sapta Puri Tour.

The world-famous Kumbh Mela is held here every twelve years when millions of devotees flock around this pilgrimage center.

  • Places to visit in Haridwar – There are many temples in Haridwar, each having unique history and heritage. The most popular temples of Haridwar are:
    • Mansa Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple and Bharat Mata Temple.
  • Hotels in Haridwar – There are several hotels in Haridwar, ranging from plush 4-star hotels to budget accommodation. The most popular ones are:
    • Radisson Blu (Rs. 5,911/- onwards)
    • Treebo Vibhav Marriott (Rs. 4385/- onwards)
    • Hotel King (Rs. 1051/- onwards)
    • La Casa (Rs. 1739/- onwards).
    • If you wish to stay near Ganga, book Ganga Lahiri or Haveli Hari Ganga which are right there on the banks of River Ganges.
  • Things to do in Haridwar
    • Take a holy dip into River Ganges and set your soul free from all sins.
    • Watch the amazing evening “aarti” along Har Ki Pauri.
    • Visit Prajapati Dakh Temple.
    • Visit Bharat Mata Temple
    • Take the trolley to Mansa Devi Temple.
    • If you get time, visit Rajaji National Park with exotic wildlife reserve and cottages.
  1. Varanasi (Kashi)Sapta Puri - Varanasi

It is the oldest city in India, located on the banks of River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. It is the abode of Lord Shiva, where devotees pay a visit to seek His divine blessings.

The common belief is that one who dies in Varanasi will attain liberation. The history of the city dates back to more than 5000 years.

  • Places to visit in Varanasi – It is the home to above 2000 temples and innumerable ghats. The most important ones are:
    • Kashi Viswanath Temple, Adi Keshava Vishnu Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Manikarnika, Asi Sangam, Dashashwamedha Ghat, and Varana Sangam.
  • Hotels in Varanasi – Popular places to stay in Varanasi are:
    • Fab Hotel Uma Palace (Rs. 2289/- onwards)
    • Radisson Hotel (Rs. 4487/- onwards)
    • Kamesh Hut (Rs. 1693/- onwards)
    • Ramada Plaza JHV (Rs. 6884/- onwards).
  • Things to do in Varanasi –
    • Begin your day with a memorable boat ride in the Ganges.
    • Take a lazy sunset stroll along Varanasi’s famous ghats.
    • Do not miss the evening aarti ceremony along the Ganges.
    • If you have time, set off for a tour of Sarnath.
  1. Kanchipuram (Kanchi)Sapta Puri - Kanchi

Kanchipuram is one of the seven sacred cities of India, situated on the banks of River Vegavathy in Tamil Nadu. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage that attracts tourists from around the world.

Kanchipuram gains its spiritual significance from innumerable exquisitely-built temples, stupas and monasteries.

  • Places to visit in Kanchipuram – There are many Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples, and stupas in Kanchipuram.
    • The most popular one is the Kamakshi Amman Temple, which is associated with the great Hindu saint Adi Shankara.
    • Other famous temples are Vaikunta Permual Temple, Ekambareswar Temple, and Kailasanathar Temple.
    • Besides, there are 18 Vaishnava, 108 Shaiva temples and many Buddhist stupas in this city.
  • Hotels in Kanchipuram – Looking for 5-star hotels or budget accommodation in Kanchipuram? Some of the famous places to stay are:
    • Regency Kanchipuram (Rs. 6485/- onwards)
    • Hudson Resorts (Rs. 4,749/- onwards)
    • Pine Tree (Rs. 2356/- onwards).
  • Things to do in Kanchipuram
    • Indulge into fine beauty and spirituality of Kanchipuram’s oldest Kamakshi Amman Temple.
    • Take your time away from the architectural splendor and visit Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary to view birds from across the world.
    • Don’t forget to buy some beautiful Kanchipuram silk sarees before you leave the city.

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  1. Ujjain (Avantika)Sapta Puri- Ujjain

Sapta Puri Tour also covers the ancient city of Ujjain, earlier known as Avantika. The sacred pilgrimage site dates back to 3rd century B.C. and is the abode of Lord Shiva.

It was also the hub of India’s astronomical research in ancient days. It is one of the four holy sites that host the famous Kumbh Mela.

  • Places to visit in Ujjain
    • The most important place to visit is the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.
    • The Gopal Temple, with silver idols of Lord Krishna and Balaram, is also famous here.
    • Another must visit the temple is Harsiddhi Temple.
    • If time permits, you may do the parikrama of 84 Mahadev.
  • Hotels in Ujjain – The popular hotels in Ujjain are:
    • Hotel Mittal (Rs. 2240/- onwards)
    • Anjushree (Rs. 5627/- onwards)
    • OYO 963 Hotel Rumaya (Rs. 2009/- onwards).
  • Things to do in Ujjain
    • Be a part of Maha Shivratri, a popular event, when thousands of devotees flock near the Mahakaleshwar Temple.
    • The world-famous Simhastha Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years, when taking a bath into the holy river can clear all your sins.
    • You can also visit the serene Sandipani Ashram.

Best Time for Sapta Puri Tour

November to March is the best time to visit Sapta Puri. This is the season of countless fairs and festivals that bring out India’s rich spiritual traditions.

India is blessed with rich spiritualism and divinity. Our Sapta Puri tour packages unveil seven holy cities that exude amazing traditions and spiritual powers. Sapta Puri Yatra is the path towards self-attainment and Moksha.

You may book your Sapta Puri Yatra by calling us on 8527255991 or writing back to us on

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